RxWare Welcomes Dr. Ronny Hashmonay, MD to its Board of Directors

Former Novartis Executive brings more than two decades of experience in the healthcare sector

New York, New York

Washington, D.C., June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RxWare.io, a patient activation infrastructure company for pharmaceutical brands (formerly HelpAround), is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Ronny Hashmonay to its Board of Directors. Dr. Hashmonay, a pharma veteran, brings more than two decades of Pharma industry and health tech industry experience to this position.

Dr. Hashmonay most recently served as the Chief Digital Officer for Novartis in the US and Global Head of Business Transformation, where he led digital transformation and strategic corporate health tech partnerships. 

Dr. Hashmonay currently serves as a  Managing General Partner at P74 Ventures, a leading pharma-tech venture fund focused on both founding and investing in technology companies that drive innovation and business model transformation within the life sciences industry with the goal to be a force-multiplier for patients, HCPs, and their families. 

“Dr. Hashmonay's appointment will help RxWare.io advance its mission to revolutionize the way patients gain access to critical medical treatments,” said Yishai Knobel, CEO of RxWare. 

“I am a big believer in applying digital technologies to save and improve many more lives through the digitization of the patient journey,” said Dr. Ronny Hashmonay.  “RxWare’s infrastructure for drug manufacturers has proven to make an impact across patients’ access, experience and speed to critical therapies, providing meaningful value to patients.”

For more information on RxWare, visit http://rxware.io .

About RxWare

RxWare (formerly known as HelpAround), provides digital infrastructure for specialty pharmaceutical brands that struggle with Rx abandonment by activating patients as soon as the Rx is captured in the EHR, including consent, affordability, and Hub enrollment. RxWare’s Post-Rx Activation identifies, consents, and enrolls NBRx patients within 24 hours of the prescription being written, increasing speed to therapy by 5x, resulting in lower abandonment rates. We partner with market access, patient services, and marketing teams to expedite and optimize patient activation. RxWare’s reporting and dashboarding tools provide real-time data on where each patient is in their therapy journey, identifying points of friction and abandonment risks. 


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