Beanfield Appoints Lucie Laplante as New Chief Financial Officer, Strengthening Leadership Team

TORONTO, June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beanfield, a local and independent telecom in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, with over 450 employees, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lucie Laplante as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to support the firm’s growth and expansion plans.

Lucie Laplante, originally from Montreal but having spent the majority of the past 30 years in Toronto, brings a wealth of telecom experience to her new role at Beanfield. Her professional background includes working in various complementary industries such as fintech, professional services, media and broadcast.

Dan Armstrong, CEO and Founder of Beanfield, said, “We are thrilled to have Lucie join the Beanfield team and contribute to our continued strategic growth. We were instant fans of Lucie from our first meeting and knew her experience and leadership abilities would be a perfect fit within our organization.”

In her new position, Lucie will lead the financial team at Beanfield and will play a significant role in the company’s partner relations.

“I’ve always admired Beanfield’s commitment to the community and their values. It’s obvious they operate with a customer-first mentality, one which I recognize as a key differentiator in the telecommunications industry. I look forward to working with the entire team and supporting the ongoing growth of Beanfield,” says Lucie.

Beanfield has plans for continued expansion in key markets, with a focus on residential growth in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as commercial growth in Montreal. Lucie’s financial and operational expertise will be instrumental in driving this growth.

About Beanfield:
Beanfield is an independent, facilities-based telecommunications company with headquarters in Toronto, Montreal, and now Vancouver. Founded in 1988 with an activist spirit, our primary mission was to connect businesses in the underserved Toronto neighbourhood of Liberty Village. We have since expanded our fibre-optic network to serve markets in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, with points of presence in Calgary, New York, and Seattle. Although we are well-poised to become a national telecommunications entity in our own right, we are committed to remaining faithful to our roots and our ethos: we’re community-oriented and equity-focused; we believe everyone deserves quality connectivity at a fair price because that’s How It Should Be.

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