Rising Adoption of Mobile Devices to Steer Cross Platform App Development Framework Market Past US$ 546.7 billion by 2033, Persistence Market Research

Unleash the Power of Connectivity: Thrive in the Booming Cross Platform App Development Framework Market

New York, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As per Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global cross platform app development framework industry revenue is expected to total US$ 120 billion in 2023. Over the next ten years, global demand for cross platform app development frameworks is forecast to rise at 16.8% CAGR. By 2033. Total market size is anticipated to reach US$ 546.7 billion.

Demand is forecast to remain high for React Native cross platform app development framework. The target segment is projected to thrive at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2023 to 2033.

Rising adoption of mobile devices globally and increasing usage of cross-platform app development frameworks are projected to drive the global market swiftly through 2033.

Cross-platform app development frameworks are software tools or platforms that enable programmers to write code once and deploy it across a variety of operating systems and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

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Cross-platform app development frameworks provide a uniform development environment as well as a set of libraries that allow developers to construct mobile applications that can operate on several platforms while using a single codebase. React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and Ionic are examples of popular cross-platform frameworks.

Cross-platform app development is becoming increasingly important as the demand for mobile applications across several platforms such as iOS and Android grows. Businesses and developers want to reach a larger audience by creating apps that run across several operating systems.

The growing popularity of mobile devices has increased demand for cross-platform or cross-platform app development frameworks. Users are accessing applications on numerous platforms such as iOS and Android as smartphones and tablets proliferate.

Businesses understand the need of reaching this varied user base and providing a consistent experience across platforms. Developers can use cross-platform frameworks to create code once and publish it across various platforms, decreasing development time and expenses while expanding the app's reach.

With fierce competition in the mobile app market, firms want to deploy their apps as soon as possible and attract consumer attention. Cross-platform frameworks speed up the development process by allowing code and asset reuse, allowing the program to be available on numerous platforms at the same time.

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Key Takeaways from the Cross Platform App Development Framework Market Report:

  • The global cross platform app development framework industry is forecast to thrive at 16.8% CAGR through 2033.
  • By JavaScript-based frameworks, React Native segment is likely to exhibit a CAGR of 16.7% from 2023 to 2033.
  • By mobile app frameworks, Flatter segment is forecast to expand at 16.6% CAGR through 2033.
  • The United States cross platform app development framework industry is likely to reach US$ 104.7 billion by 2033.
  • Japan cross platform app development framework industry size is expected to reach US$ 107.9 billion by 2033.
  • Cross platform app development framework demand in China is forecast to rise at 16.7% CAGR through 2033.

“Rising penetration of smartphones along with growing need for creating apps for multiple frameworks is expected to drive the global cross platform app development framework market. To expand their customer base and improve revenues, key players are launching new versions with improved features. - says a lead Persistence Market Research (PMR) analyst

Who is Winning?

React Native, Cordova, Cordova, PhoneGap, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, Native Script, Electron, Vue.js, and Angular are few of the leading players in this market.

These market players are investing heavily in research and development to develop new frameworks with enhanced features. They are also using mergers, partnerships, collaborations, and other strategies to solidify their market position.

For instance,

  • In June 2021, The Ionic 6 component framework was introduced with new features, including a revamped design system, improved performance, and enhanced development tooling.

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More Insights Available

Persistence Market Research (PMR), in its new offering, presents an unbiased analysis of the cross platform app development framework industry presenting historical data (2018 to 2022) and forecast statistics for the period from 2023 to 2033.

The study reveals market projections based on JavaScript-based frameworks (React Native, Ionic, NativeScript), C#-based frameworks (Xamarin and Unity), mobile app frameworks (React Native, Xamarin, Flutter), and Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) from 2023 to 2033.

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