Conductor Unveils Multi-Year Strategy to Transform Organic Marketing Platform with Artificial Intelligence

Conductor’s New AI Strategy Takes a Human-Centered Approach to SEO Transformation

NEW YORK, June 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conductor, the leading enterprise organic marketing platform, today announced its long-term strategic investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a proven history of leveraging Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and other aspects of AI in its best-in-class suite of SEO technology, Conductor is scaling its investment in AI. It will be the single largest R&D investment over the next 3 years.

Central to Conductor’s strategy is the development of a new generation of GPT4-powered functionality and proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) – advanced AI systems that process and interpret human-like text, or natural language. These LLMs will be trained on Conductor’s proprietary search intent database, expanding customers’ ability to quickly and efficiently create high-performance website experiences.

To differentiate from the majority of activity in the SEO category, Conductor is taking a highly intentional approach to building AI-driven features that both provides users with a blueprint to create high value, high quality marketing content from a human-perspective and to optimize content to rank organically within Search Engines like Google.

“While out-of-the-box AI models like GPT4 can get pretty good, the key differentiator will be our enhanced prompt engineering, refined/updated models and contextual data embeddings,” said Wei Zheng, Chief Product Officer at Conductor. “What will stand the test of time will be building better models that are specific to the needs you’re solving for, understanding the right signals to measure, and leading to actionable next steps – which can only be accomplished by an enterprise-level solution.”

Conductor is actively testing a new suite of AI-powered features with customers, with initial releases planned over the next few months. Initial focus will be around accelerating the content creation and optimization workflow. As AI further impacts how people search for answers beyond ranking links, the team is developing new ways to evaluate content quality within the product. Future initiatives will span from prioritizing and quantifying optimization opportunities to automating and personalizing key tasks that are typically manual and high-effort. Its R&D team is taking the time to lay the groundwork by developing and fine-tuning proprietary datasets and LLMs. This work will happen in tandem with ongoing efforts to unify Conductor’s data portfolio across Conductor, ContentKing, and Searchmetrics, resulting in fundamental improvements to the quality of data leveraged in its next generationAI models.

“Chat-GPT from OpenAI has democratized and commoditized AI,” said Alok Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer at Conductor. “But the results from a language model, like GPT4, only represents the floor of the value we can deliver in the Conductor platform, not the ceiling.”

As part of Conductor’s culture of innovation, every dollar is invested back into R&D to build a valuable and sustainable platform for customers. Conductor’s introduction of AI technology started early 2015, with Conductor’s keyword research solution, Explorer, as the first enterprise SEO feature to implement natural language processing, machine learning, and data science. With the launch of Content Guidance and the acquisition of ContentKing last year, Conductor also offers powerful content recommendations and 24/7 technical SEO auditing and website monitoring driven by AI technology.

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