Ginoa Officially Launches Platform to Barter, Trade, and Explore Analytics for NFTs

Ginoa also unveils AI Chatbot, GinoaGPT, to help users tap into NFT analytics

NEW YORK, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ginoa, a comprehensive NFT platform for traders to buy, sell, barter, trade, and explore analytics for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), today announced the official launch of their platform. Ginoa's aggregator offers convenience to NFT traders by eliminating the need to visit multiple platforms. NFT traders are empowered to make informed decisions about NFT collections through analytics, as well as purchase, sell, and swap NFTs. This new layer of trading gives flexibility to traders, from entering and exiting collections without needing liquidity, to flipping one’s way up.

Ginoa’s flagship product, Barterplace, will allow users to seamlessly acquire and trade NFT collections. Users can offer one or more NFTs, as well as cryptocurrency if desired, in exchange for another NFT or multiple NFTs, along with the corresponding cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Collection Offer feature enables you to make an offer on each individual NFT in the collection you're interested in, providing unparalleled convenience. Backed by AI-powered data, Barterplace facilitates fair exchanges, eliminating the need to sell NFT holdings solely for liquidity when transitioning to a new collection, or resorting to risky over-the-counter swaps through unknown links.

To help investors make informed decisions about their collection, Ginoa leverages AI technology to deliver precise and data-driven insights about the NFT market. In partnership with Upshot, a platform that aims to make NFT financial markets more accessible through machine learning, the platform has evaluated more than 50 million NFTs from tens of thousands of NFT collections with an impressive accuracy rate of over 95%. NFT holders currently face several challenges when looking to expand their portfolio including trust in the project, valuation, liquidation and fees.

“The highly unstable values of digital assets like NFTs have become a significant issue, particularly for NFT holders. As a result, buyers and sellers of NFTs face difficulties in completing transactions due to security, liquidity and valuation issues. Leveraging AI, we created Ginoa to solve these issues with bartering, predictive analytics and market analysis,” said Samet Duman, CEO of Ginoa.

Additionally, Ginoa is launching their AI-powered chatbot, GinoaGPT, to help users better understand NFT collections and make informed decisions about their NFT investments. GinoaGPT enables users to inquire about NFTs, NFT collections, and Ginoa-related information. This includes real-time data on collections, overvalued and undervalued NFTs, sales figures, transaction volume, pricing, valuable traits, royalty fees, and much more.

“We are thrilled to introduce, our revolutionary NFT barterplace that is set to transform and democratize the way people engage with digital assets. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a platform that combines the power of blockchain technology with the simplicity of bartering, opening up new possibilities for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts alike,” said Bartu Utku, Co-Founder of Ginoa.

The Ginoa team operates across three continents and five countries, closely monitoring industry trends and offering the fastest and most precise solutions to meet user needs. After spending several years conducting NFT research, Batıkan Çetin, Erdem Akdemir, Samet Duman and Bartu Utku co-founded Ginoa in 2021. Ginoa’s team consists of state-of-the-art web3 engineers and machine learning architects, advised by MIT AI researchers.

About Ginoa
Founded in 2021, Ginoa leverages AI technology to allow users to seamlessly barter, trade, and explore analytics for NFTs. Ginoa aims at democratizing access to trading, analytics, and financial tools by allowing peer-to-peer trading in its barterplace. Ginoa is backed by leading investors TechOne Venture Capital, DOMiNO Ventures, Aegean Ventures, and Lima Ventures. For more information about Ginoa and to examine its products in detail, visit and follow @ginoa_io on Twitter.

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