Equip’s Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment Exhibits Exceptional Patient Outcomes, Breaks Barriers to Care

Available nationwide and through most major insurance plans, Equip’s evidence-based treatment is effective among thousands of patients

SAN DIEGO, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Equip, the leading provider of virtual, evidence-based eating disorder treatment in the U.S., today published its first Annual Outcomes Report that revealed leading clinical outcomes in the thousands of patients it has now treated through its evidence-based virtual eating disorder treatment.

According to the report, 81 percent of Equip patients reached or maintained their target weight within the first year of care – signaling renourishment – a critical component of eating disorder treatment for many patients. Equip’s virtual treatment also significantly increased quality of life, and patients saw their symptoms reduced by at least 50 percent in their first five months of treatment. After six months, fewer patients and caregivers reported missing school or work, allowing them to live their lives without the interruption of an eating disorder. Additionally, 75 percent of patient caregivers felt more knowledgeable and confident in helping their child recover.

“Equip’s treatment is accessible and effective – two program markers that are essential in treating the millions of Americans who will be affected by an eating disorder in their lifetime,” said Dori Steinberg, Ph.D., RD, VP of Research and Policy at Equip. “By committing to closely studying and transparently reporting our patient outcomes, we can better understand where we can make a meaningful, lasting change in the recovery journey of our patients. Our findings show that we are truly transforming eating disorder treatment for many families in great need.”

Additional findings from the study include:

  • Progressive Improvement: On average, Equip patients who required weight restoration gained one pound per week in the first eight weeks of treatment, in line with the American Psychiatric Association Guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Support: Ninety-five percent of patients and families felt their Equip treatment team truly cared for them, and 87 percent felt highly understood. After eight weeks of treatment, 60 percent of families reported less caregiver burden.
  • Reduction of co-occurring symptoms: At admission, 41 percent of patients reported severe depression, and 42 percent reported severe anxiety. Those numbers dropped by roughly half throughout treatment.

Equip’s model breaks down the significant care barriers in today’s current treatment landscape, including cost, geographic access, and stigma. Equip treated patients in eight of the nine U.S. states that lack a treatment center entirely and is covered by most commercial insurance plans or Medicaid – 94 percent of Equip patients had their treatment covered by insurance.

Equip’s research team of industry experts, which operates independently from the clinical team to ensure objectivity, conducted the Annual Outcomes Report. Visit Equip’s website to download the full report and learn more about the findings.

About Equip
Equip is the leading virtual, evidence-based eating disorder treatment program on a mission to ensure that everyone with an eating disorder can access treatment that works. Created by clinical experts in the field and people with lived experience, Equip builds upon evidence-based treatments to empower individuals to reach lasting recovery. All Equip patients receive a dedicated care team, including a therapist, dietitian, physician, and peer and family mentor. The company operates in all 50 states and is partnered with most major health insurance plans. For more information, visit equip.health.

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