Canada Plastics Pact broadens its reach with new stakeholder and celebrates milestones in advancing its roadmap towards circularity

OTTAWA, July 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) is pleased to welcome Tata Consumer Products to its expanding network of stakeholders in Q2 of 2023.

Tata Consumer Products is a global food and beverage company taking proactive measures to drive innovation and increase their use of recycled materials to combat plastic waste and pollution. As one of more than 90 CPP Partners, Tata Consumer Products collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders across the plastics value chain to address one of the most pressing environmental issues of today - the plastic crisis.

Since the CPP launched in January 2021, various initiatives have been underway to address the opportunities and challenges to enacting systems change, such as the formation of nine working groups that bring together the key stakeholders to tackle the pressing issues around plastic waste and pollution.

Most recently, the CPP is proud to have released two studies to better understand plastic waste management and sustainable packaging. The British Columbia Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Packaging and Paper Products (PPP) report, which helps to better understand the quantity and composition of plastics and paper products disposal and diversion from the ICI sector. The Study on Reuse and Refill Plastic Packaging in Canada evaluates and highlights the opportunities to implement reuse and refill systems as a way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste.

The CPP's guidance documents, driven by the collective expertise of its working groups, are a critical tool in supporting stakeholders to implement circular economy principles in their operations, by sharing knowledge and innovative solutions. The recently released Pathways to Mono-material Flexible Packaging Guide provides solutions to improve the recyclability of flexible plastic packaging and films in Canada.

“We are pleased to expand our network of stakeholders and are actively seeking to engage all key players of the value chain who have the potential to drive significant change in the way we use and manage plastics,” said Cher Mereweather, Managing Director at the CPP. “Together, we are making progress in how we are accelerating solutions. Through the release of new studies and guidance documents, we are equipping key decision makers with the necessary tools to navigate the evolving plastics landscape and transition away from the linear 'take, make, waste' model.”

Building upon these achievements, the CPP is gearing up to release more outputs from its working groups in Q3 of 2023: The Unnecessary and Problematic Plastics List, which aims to determine the necessity of various plastic packaging items and identify those suitable for the circular plastics packaging economy; and a 5-year Roadmap for Flexible Plastic Packaging, which sets out a clear vision and strategy for transitioning to circular flexible plastic packaging in Canada.


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The Canada Plastics Pact is spearheading Canada's response to the escalating plastic crisis.

We exist to eliminate plastic waste by accelerating and scaling the solutions that will keep plastics in the economy and out of people, animals and the environment.

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