Adore Me Releases Second-Annual ESG Report

Highlights include becoming a Certified B Corporation™, a focus on measurement and compliance, and technology-driven partnerships and initiatives.

NEW YORK, July 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adore Me, known for being the first lingerie brand to bring extended sizing across all its categories, a Public Benefit Corporation, and a Certified B Corporation™, today launched its second-annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) Report. The report covers Adore Me’s strategy and performance as it relates to its mission to foster inclusivity and environmental sustainability in the production, distribution, and marketing of the company’s products. The report can be viewed here.

“As we start to see regulators and standard-setters worldwide focus on the issue of sustainability in fashion, the question is not if the industry will transform, but when it will transform,” said Morgan Hermand, Founder & CEO of Adore Me. “This report is a testament to the fact that every single team at Adore Me continues to transform our brand by looking at their everyday operations through the lens of improvement and sustainability—and it's because of that outlook that we’ve been able to make the progress we have.”

Today’s news follows Adore Me’s recent partnership with Carbonfact, a startup that helps fashion brands manage their environmental impact through a data platform that empowers designers and production teams to incorporate carbon impact into the design and sourcing process from step one.

Adore Me’s report highlights include completing a first-ever dedicated anti-greenwashing training, launching the Adore Me Cares program, officially becoming a Certified B Corporation™, sponsoring the MAS Foundation for Change to replant over 2,500 mangrove seedlings in Sri Lanka, and more.

Adore Me realizes that the fashion industry is responsible for significant environmental impacts—from greenhouse gas emissions, water use and pollution, waste generation, and biodiversity—and as a result, takes a comprehensive and strategic approach to mitigating environmental impact. This means assessing impact at every point in the value chain, from product design to the end of the product life cycle.

From 2021 to 2022, Adore Me decreased their average product carbon footprint by 5.45%—with nearly a quarter (24%) of the products sold in 2022 being sustainable based on the company’s internal metric. These efforts were pushed forward by developing a suite of proprietary software, along with partnerships with key industry players to expand sustainability-focused practices. Adore Me also utilized more recycled materials, preferred fibers, and responsible manufacturing processes than ever before while maintaining affordable prices for customers. The Adore Me team operates out of a belief that real sustainability in fashion won’t happen until it's made available to every consumer, no matter their budget.

Adore Me is also tracking progress across social responsibility. The team places a high value on traceability, and by partnering with a limited number of trusted manufacturers, the team is able to collaborate on sustainability-related initiatives to better manage environmental and social externalities. Adore Me has long been a leader in size inclusivity and welcomes all customers with all different needs, personalities, and backgrounds by offering an extended sizing range that spans across every category at an affordable price and a high standard of quality.

In September of 2022, Adore Me became B Corp Certified after becoming a Public Benefit Corporation in 2021. In order to maintain the highest standards of governance, Adore Me also operates with transparency, something that was showcased in 2022 by the rollout of the Adore Me Cares program: a formal consolidation of Adore Me’s sustainability efforts into one cohesive program.

“While there’s no lack of ESG Reports available today, Adore Me’s is set apart by the way they measure their progress along with the team’s commitment to continuous improvement,” said Camille Oberkampf, an international lawyer who provided counsel around the governance of this ESG Report from Adore Me. “Adore Me is leveraging its technology-heavy DNA to effectively assess and improve its impact along its value chain. It is impressive to witness the diversity of teams contributing to this effort, from designers and procurement to data scientists and sales associates.”

The team acknowledges that there will always be room for improvement and continues to welcome feedback from readers in order to improve our future. This report was prepared using the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, used by 10,000 companies worldwide, as a reference.

About Adore Me
Founded in 2011 as an online lingerie startup, Adore Me has evolved into a DTC lingerie and apparel brand serving women of all sizes and budgets at all phases of life. The brand is transforming the way we shop with a pioneering Home Try-On commerce service, a series of innovation-driven products, and a mission of making sustainable shopping accessible to all, becoming the first Certified B Corporation intimate apparel brand in the U.S. As of December 2022, Adore Me joined the Victoria’s Secret & Co. family of brands.

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