Fostering a Diverse Community: Embracing Multiculturalism in Forest City

JOHOR, Malaysia, July 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forest City, a real estate project developed by Country Garden, is dedicated to promoting a vibrant and inclusive community. Two recent events, namely the Shoreline Morning Run and the Forest City Cup Junior Golf Tournament, exemplify Forest City's commitment to celebrating diversity.

The Shoreline Morning Run brings residents together from diverse cultural backgrounds with a shared passion for fitness and well-being. The event garnered a strong turnout, attracting participants from various countries along the scenic coastline. In addition, the Forest City Cup Junior Golf Tournament serves as proof of Forest City's commitment to multiculturalism. The tournament offers a platform for young athletes to learn from one another, showcase their skills, and experience fun while promoting cultural exchanges and mutual understanding.

Forest City boasts two world-class golf courses and has consistently been ranked among the "Top 100 Golf Courses in Asia" for four consecutive years. Among them, the Classic Golf Course was expertly designed by Mr. Liang Guokun, a Chinese golf course design master with more than 30 years of experience in golf course and garden design management. On the other hand, the Legacy Golf Course is an 18-hole international championship-level course jointly designed by golf champions Jack Nicklaus and his son Jack Nicklaus II. These meticulously planned courses offer golf enthusiasts strategically placed fairways and breathtaking views.

Furthermore, visitors can enjoy the luxurious accommodations the two five-star hotels provide, namely the Marina Hotel and the Golf Hotel. These two five-star hotels feature luxurious rooms and amenities, surrounded by lush greenery that seamlessly blends with the natural environment. Visitors can indulge in leisure facilities within the hotels while also experiencing a range of captivating outdoor activities. These hotels serve as a haven for both residents and visitors, further enhancing the overall living experience in Forest City.

Forest City proactively cultivates a thriving community, hosting a variety of engaging activities and offering residents and visitors a vibrant and immersive lifestyle experience. With the enrichment of life service stores, Forest City has further enhanced convenience for shopping and entertainment, providing people with an enriched and enjoyable environment.

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