Conjugation and Labeling Services Market 2023: Industry Trends and Global Forecasts

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This report features an extensive study of the current market landscape, market size and the likely future potential of the conjugation and labeling services market, during the forecast period. Further, it highlights the efforts of several stakeholders engaged in this rapidly emerging domain of the pharmaceutical industry.

Conjugation is the process of formation of a single, stable hybrid, wherein one of the entities is a molecule, such as protein, antibody, peptide and small molecule. These molecules can be conjugated with various modalities, such as haptens, enzymes, isotopes, fluorescent tags, carrier proteins, polymers, particle conjugates and photoreactive molecules.

Bioconjugation is a subset of conjugation where one of the entity is a biomolecule, such as protein or an antibody. The synergistic combination of the conjugates and biomolecules confer desired functions, which otherwise are difficult to achieve with individual counterparts. These functionalities offer increased membrane permeability, target specificity, circulation time and enhanced pharmacokinetic properties.

It is interesting to highlight that when the modification with conjugates lead to detection (direct / indirect) in bioimaging and immunoassays, bioconjugation is also referred to as biomolecule labeling. Presently, industry stakeholders employ various labeling approaches (fluorescent labeling and isotopic labeling) for protein profiling in order to quantify the compounds, and monitor and visualize the biological processes.

Over the last couple of years, the pharmaceutical industry has also witnessed the utility of these complex entities across several application areas, such as development of conjugated drug therapeutics, drug delivery systems, disease diagnosis, invention of diagnostic tools, and high-throughput screening.

Presently, a number of players across the globe are actively engaged in providing efficient antibody conjugation services for research purposes. Further, given the rising demand for conjugated biomolecules in the field of research and development, the conjugation and labeling services market is anticipated to witness substantial growth in the foreseen future.

Need for Outsourcing Conjugation and Labeling Operations to Service Providers

A number of drug developers and research institutes currently lack the technical expertise related to bioconjugation chemistries, along with limited in-house capabilities and scarcity of advanced bioconjugation technologies, which are essential to carry out the process of conjugation. In order to leverage the relevant experience and expertise of service providers, several organizations prefer to outsource their antibody conjugation services and protein labeling operations.

The service providers tend to be equipped with established methodologies, along with a wide range of reagent systems and conjugates required for the chemical modification of different biomolecules. These factors together will be responsible for market growth through increased outsourcing of protein labeling, antibody labeling and antibody conjugation services to the CROs.

Current Landscape of the Conjugation and Labeling Services Market

The current market landscape features the presence of over 170 companies providing antibody conjugation services and 120 companies providing service for protein labeling, spread across the globe.

Overall, the market seems to be well-fragmented, featuring the presence of very large, large, mid-sized and small companies, which have the required expertise to offer bioconjugation services across different types of biomolecules, such as proteins, antibodies, peptides and small molecules.

It is worth mentioning that 78% of the service providers offer antibody conjugation with haptens; notable examples (which have also been captured in this report) include AAT Bioquest, Abzena, Fina Biosolutions, Life Tein, ProSci, Synaptic Systems and ViroGen.

Segment Analysis - Antibody Conjugation Services are the most sought

Custom antibody conjugation for research purposes is the most sought service in this market. Some of the antibody conjugation services offered by the companies include conjugation with HRP conjugation, Biotin Conjugation and Fluorescent labeling services. Antibody labeling, which is also known as antibody conjugation, involves conjugating a tag to an antibody. In this report, we have captured all the antibody conjugation services that are relevant to research / diagnostic applications.

Segment Analysis - Fluorescent Tags are preferred tool for Biomolecule Labeling

Fluorescent tags are widely employed in the field of proteomics in order to detect the location of protein and quantity of the protein. These also lead to identification of conformational changes during protein complex formation and tracking the biological processes. Some of the companies also offer tagging of fluorescent probes with antibodies and peptides for research purposes.

Regional Analysis - North America to hold the Largest Share

Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the companies offering protein labeling, peptide labeling, small molecule conjugation and antibody conjugation services. Of these, majority of the bioconjugation service providers are based in North America.

Trend Analysis - Service Providers evolving to meet the market demand

Various stakeholders have been making consolidated efforts to forge alliance with other industry / non-industry players. It is worth highlighting that, since 2018, over 70 strategic partnerships have been inked, indicating that service providers are actively upgrading their conjugation related capabilities and accommodating the current and anticipated demand for bioconjugates.

The field is continuously evolving; stakeholders are actively participating in events (webinars / conferences / seminars / meetings / symposiums / summits) related to bioconjugation and labeling of biomolecules.

These events are likely to provide the necessary platform for companies to present their ideas, innovative bioconjugation methodologies / techniques and discuss various applications of bioconjugates to a wider audience.

Given the inclination towards cutting-edge technologies, along with innovative approaches to tailor the biomolecules, we believe that the conjugation and labeling services market is likely to evolve at a rapid pace, during the forecast period 2023-2035.

Key Topics Covered:




4.1. Chapter Overview
4.2. Conjugation and Labeling Service Providers: Overall Market Landscape
4.2.1. Analysis by Year of Establishment
4.2.2. Analysis by Company Size
4.2.3. Analysis by Location of Headquarters
4.2.4. Analysis by Company Size and Location of Headquarters
4.2.5. Analysis by Type of Molecule(s) Conjugated / Labeled
4.2.6. Analysis by Type of Molecular Conjugate(s) / Label(s) Used Analysis by Type of Enzyme(s) Used Analysis by Type of Hapten(s) Used
4.2.7. Analysis by Conjugation Service(s) Offered

5.1. Chapter Overview
5.2. Assumptions / Key Parameters
5.3. Methodology
5.4. Company Competitiveness Analysis
5.4.1. Conjugation and Labeling Service Providers based in North America
5.4.2. Conjugation and Labeling Service Providers based in Europe
5.4.3. Conjugation and Labeling Service Providers based in Asia-Pacific

6.1. Chapter Overview
6.2. AltaBioscience
6.2.1. Company Overview
6.2.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.3. Bachem
6.3.1. Company Overview
6.3.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.4. Bio-Synthesis
6.4.1. Company Overview
6.4.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.5. Cayman Chemical
6.5.1. Company Overview
6.5.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.6. CliniSciences
6.6.1. Company Overview
6.6.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.7. Eurogentec
6.7.1. Company Overview
6.7.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.8. GBI (formerly known as Goodwin Biotechnology)
6.8.1. Company Overview
6.8.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.9. Mimotopes
6.9.1. Company Overview
6.9.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.10. Peptide Institute
6.10.1. Company Overview
6.10.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.11. piCHEM
6.11.1. Company Overview
6.11.2. Recent Developments and Future Outlook

7.1. Chapter Overview
7.2. Partnership Models
7.3. Conjugation and Labeling Services: Partnerships and Collaborations
7.3.1. Analysis by Year of Partnership
7.3.2. Analysis by Type of Partnership
7.3.3. Analysis by Year and Type of Partnership
7.3.4. Analysis by Type of Partner
7.3.5. Analysis by Year of Partnership and Type of Partner
7.3.6. Analysis by Type of Partnership and Type of Partner
7.3.7. Analysis by Location of Headquarters of Partner
7.3.8. Analysis by Type of Partnership and Location of Headquarters of Partner
7.3.9. Most Active Players: Analysis by Number of Partnerships
7.3.10. Analysis by Geography Intercontinental and Intracontinental Deals Local and International Deals

8.1. Chapter Overview
8.2. Scope and Methodology
8.3. Conjugation and Labeling Services: Global Event Analysis
8.3.1. Analysis by Year of Event
8.3.2. Analysis by Event Platform
8.3.3. Analysis by Type of Event
8.3.4. Analysis by Year and Type of Event
8.3.5. Analysis by Geography
8.3.6. Word Cloud Analysis: Evolutionary Trends in Event Agenda / Key Focus Area
8.3.7. Most Active Organizers: Analysis by Number of Events
8.4. Global Events: Speaker Analysis
8.4.1. Most Active Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Speakers
8.4.2. Most Active Non-Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Speakers
8.4.3. Analysis by Seniority Level of Event Speakers
8.5. Geographical Mapping of Upcoming Events
8.6. Concluding Remarks

9.1. Chapter Overview
9.2. Conjugation and Labeling Services: SWOT Analysis
9.2.1. Comparison of SWOT Factors






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