Brian McWilliams on The Power of Comedy, with Bart Baggett on The Bart Show

Brian McWilliams, comedian and co-founder of Lions of Liberty, was interviewed by Bart Baggett of The Bart Show on the power of comedy to open people’s minds to new ideas.

Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a newly released episode of The Bart Show, comedian and activist Brian McWilliams and host Bart Baggett discuss the power comedy has to unite people who would otherwise fundamentally disagree with one another and lead them forward into either anarchy or sanity. In a hilarious conversation with serious undertones, Brian and Bart conclude that comedy has an amazing power to make people laugh even if they don't agree, as long as it's brilliantly done. Comedy, at its core, is about merging two completely unrelated things and making them work like a well-oiled machine. Or, as Bart suggests, when in doubt, making sure to equally annoy everyone.

Bart Baggett and Brian McWilliams discuss:

  • How good comedy is actually not really liberal or conservative… but just about liberty, freedom of ideas, and free thinking.
  • Why comedians actually have a leg up in politics and are able to be much more honest than politicians ever could.
  • How the Lions of Liberty podcast network works and why it matters
  • How to guide people out of the pit of poverty through spreading ideas and squashing others.
  • Why it is important for inspirational messages to be succinct. People think in sound bites these days. Good comedy is not essays… they involve simple, easy to follow set-up and punch.
  • How comedy opens people’s minds to new ideas which otherwise would get resistance from closed minds and pre-established beliefs.
  • How to overcome the risk reward paradigm when it comes to success.
  • What Brian’s Bad People Theory entails and why Good People and Bad People really do exist.
  • Bart digs into Brian’s handwriting analysis to reveal Brian’s does not have what it takes to be a serial killer despite Brian’s strong conviction he does have what it takes… except for the lack of morality and the murdering stuff.

Headshot of Brian McWilliams, comedian
Brian McWilliams, comedian

Podcast Quotes:

  • “When I was younger, I tried to piss off everybody equally. I think that's a good strategy because I’m not selective with my humor –I open my mouth and sometimes people get offended… but they usually laugh, too. . (3:54-4:07 | Bart)
  • “I want to get all the dictators out of there and put my own dictator in there and just make clones. I don't want clones of me. You really want 500 of me, running around making children?” (4:32-4:45 | Bart)
  • “The audience will laugh at something funny, even if they don't agree with it. You know this. You can make an audience laugh at something they don't agree with if it’s positioned well enough, if it's brilliant enough.” (6:23-6:31 | Brian)
  • “Most of the time when people are already in a pit, they don't want you to tell them, ‘Oh, you got in this pit. Why? Because you tripped and fell over.’ They want to know what you can do to get them out and stop the pit from existing. They want to get out and they want to say, "What's the best way forward that's going to actually inspire me and give me something to believe in.” (9:26-9:42 | Brian)
  • “There's not a lot of resilience taught now. Everything's very coddled. We're talking about children and even adults, now. It's a coddling environment and that's not good for anybody. We're out this supposedly to protect people's best interest to keep everybody happy but it's really about compliance.” (16:51-17:07 | Brian)
  • “To admit that COVID wasn't as bad as they thought they didn't have to lock down, that masks don't really have an effect, yada yada. To admit that means that they are bad people that they're interested in the damage and ruining of people's lives. And I don't think a lot of people's egos can handle that so they cling to the narrative they were told.” (19:34-19:53 | Brian)

About Brian McWilliams:

Brian McWilliams is a native Philadelphian currently living in Los Angeles. He’s a communications and public relations expert, comedian and writer. Brian is Co-Founder of Lions of Liberty, the greatest OG libertarian/anarchist podcast network in the world, and host of “Mean Age Daydream,” where he applies his depth of experience as a libertarian thought leader with his talents as a writer and thinker to create Freedom Futurism. Brian is dreaming up the brightest promise of a free future, to win people by inspiration and belief, not fear and resentment.

To learn more about Brian McWilliams visit his website (Lions of Liberty) and find him on Youtube and Facebook.

About Bart Baggett:
For the past decade Bart Baggett has been known as one of the worlds’ top forensic handwriting experts, an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, and a highly regarded TV legal consultant & expert witness. His personal development books like The Magic Question and Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy are still in print and distributed worldwide. In his spare time, Bart scuba dives with stingrays, does stand-up comedy & even has appeared in 16 feature films.

To learn more about Bart Baggett visit his website (Bart Baggett).

About The Bart Show:

The Bart Show is a weekly podcast that brings you the world’s most interesting people. Hosted by author and world-famous handwriting expert Bart Baggett, each week he takes a look into the minds of some of the funniest, brightest, and even the strangest people you would never meet on your own.

If words like honesty, playfulness, success, authenticity, fun, and freedom resonate with you… The Bart Show will quickly become your favorite podcast. It’s a comedy show infused with personal development and psychology.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Bart Baggett with Brian McWilliams on your preferred podcast channel.

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