Astonishing the World Congress of Dermatology, Chinese Brand WINONA Scales New Heights

Kunming, China, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In recent years, Chinese brands have seen an overall rise in global influence, with many boasting Oriental characteristics, exceptional quality, and forward-thinking ideas stepping onto the world stage and gaining recognition and acceptance worldwide.

On July 8th, the 25th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD), referred to as the "Olympics of the Dermatology," concluded in Singapore, with the Chinese top dermatology skin care brand WINONA emerging as the focus of the conference.

At the conference, WINONA, in collaboration with domestic and international dermatology experts and scholars, discussed key issues and development trends related to skin health ecology, such as sensitive skin, Melasma, and atopic dermatitis. In addition to delivering Chinese brand image to the world, WINONA also jointly promoted the development of the broader skin health ecology alongside global brands.

1. Quality as the Foundation Stone: Leading the Advancement of Chinese Dermatological Skincare Products

China has become the most competitive cosmetic market in the world. Nearly all top-selling beauty products worldwide have entered the Chinese market. For a Chinese brand to stand firm, it must possess the ability and confidence to absorb advanced industry technologies, and step onto the world stage to engage in professional dialogues.

In this sense, it is inevitable for WINONA to take the initiative to go abroad.

In recent years, WINONA, as a representative of Chinese brands, has frequently made appearances on the international stage, showcasing the unique charm of Chinese skincare products. For skincare products, high-quality products that ensure both safety and efficacy, coupled with the results of in-depth dermatological research, are the fundamental reasons to the increased recognition of Chinese brands by overseas audiences.

Take, for example, the WINONA Sensitiveness Relieving Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream. In 2019, at the 24th WCD held in Milan, Italy, CERT from the University Hospital of Besançon, which has long conducted testing and validation for international brands, released a set of test results for WINONA. Professor Philippe Humbert, Head of the Department of Dermatology and Vascular Diseases, University Hospital of Besançon, stated that they conducted a double-blind experiment on the "WINONA Sensitiveness Relieving Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream." The results showed significant improvement in sensitive skin with the cream, comparable in efficacy to well-known international Cosmeceuticals brands.

At this WCD, Professor Philippe Humbert released the latest international observational results of WINONA products, reaffirming the effectiveness of two WINONA products including "WINONA Sensitiveness Relieving Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream". He also noted that sensitive skin benefits from the use of mild plant ingredients, a feature that characterizes WINONA product line.

With high-quality products like the WINONA Sensitiveness Relieving Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream and a professional, reliable brand image, WINONA has converted its brand recognition and reputation into tangible product sales data. According to Euromonitor statistics, in 2022, WINONA's market share in the dermatology skin care product sector rose to 23.2%, firmly holding the top position for multiple consecutive years.

Looking ahead, Botanee continues to move forward. During the WCD, Botanee Group, WINONA's parent company, simultaneously hosted the Botanee International Skin Health Summit 2023. For the first time, Botanee Group presented its four major brands - WINONA, WINONA Baby, AOXMED, and Beforteen - in a multi-brand layout, clearly indicating Botanee's second growth curve. Dr. Guo Zhenyu, Chairman and CEO of the Botanee Group and founder of the WINONA brand, stated that in the next decade, Botanee Group will build a skin health ecosystem encompassing dermatology skin care products, an artificial intelligence skin diagnosis and treatment system, and a medical aesthetics empowerment platform.

2. Introducing International Frontier Theory: The four-in-one Therapy Gains International Expert Recognition

Since becoming the first Chinese skincare brand to appear at the WCD in 2015, marking a strong contribution for the Chinese skincare industry with its botanical technology, to engaging in high-level dialogue with domestic and international authorities in the field of dermatology in 2019, showcasing the Anti-Sensitive efficacy of WINONA products, to its third appearance on the world stage today, each of WINONA's participations represents the continuous advancement of the scientific research strength of Chinese brands. At the same time, it expands the breadth and depth of global recognition of WINONA, enhancing the value and overall image of Chinese brands in the global market.

Rome was not built in a day, both quality products and innovative attitude support WINONA's ascent onto the world stage. In WINONA, people see a sense of quality, leadership, and international appeal conveyed by a Chinese brand.

Melasma treatment has long been a challenge in dermatology. Previous research focused solely on the mechanism of melanocyte activation leading to excessive pigment production, leaving a gap in the clinical availability of ideal skin-whitening and spot-removing agents. At this WCD, Professor He Li, leader of the Ministry of Education's Innovation Team and Executive Dean of Hospital of Dermatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, shared a significant breakthrough that she and her team achieved in understanding the pathogenesis of melasma and precise intervention. From a mechanistic basis, the treatment of melasma Should pay attention to: Hyperpigmentation, Damaged skin barrier, Inflammatory Vascular, proliferation and Photoaging. Thus, targeting the four major pathogenisis of melasma, constituting a four-in-one mechanism.

Moreover, this mechanism - targeting the four major pathogenisis of melasma- has reached expert consensus and been published in the International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology. As a leading international theory, it was released to the global community in English and has gained recognition from international dermatology experts.

At the conference, based on the four-in-one mechanism skin-lightening mechanism, WINONA launched a new skin-whitening and spot-Correcting product - WINONA Camellia-Lucent Spot Correcting Essence. Studies have shown that skin whitening products containing PRINSEPIA UTILIS ROYLE and CAMELLIA RETICULATA extracts can significantly enhance therapeutic efficacy during the active and stable stages of melasma, which contains the effects of repairing the skin barrier function, anti-inflammation, reducing pigment synthesis, and improving microcirculation.

At the summit, Chinese and foreign experts participated in the discussion titled "The New Trend of Scientific Whitening Spot." Professor Philippe Humbert, Head of the Department of Dermatology and Vascular Diseases, University Hospital of Besançon, highly recognized the mechanism of action, clinical effectiveness, and safety of WINONA's spot-correcting products. He stated, "Melasma is not just a pigment issue; it's also influenced by the skin barrier, inflammation, microcirculation, and skin aging issues. Therefore, The theory of Professor He is a very good and forward-looking theory." Professor Berardesca Enzo of the University of Miami also expressed great interest in the quadripartite method and theory because it integrates international knowledge and technology.

3. Industry-University-Research-Medical and Botanical Technology: WINONA Pushes Chinese Brand to the International Stage

Year 2023 is the third year that WINONA has been invited to participate in the WCD. During the conference, WINONA, in collaboration with "People," launched its brand attitude video online. Themed "Being the Audience Always hungry for knowledge and growth," both the founder and the employees sincerely narrated the story of WINONA's gradual advancement to the international stage through the short video. It embodied the brand's vision of continuous progress and demonstrated the confidence and strength of domestic brands to engage in dialogue with outstanding international brands.

Since its establishment in 2010, WINONA has witnessed and led the development of the dermatology skin care market in China. Its ability to take the lead in the market and remain steadfast stems from rigorous academic pursuit and meticulous product development.

It is indeed scientific research that has driven the transition from Made in China to Technology in China, allowing Chinese brands to rapidly transform and evolve.

According to Botanee's 2022 financial report, Botanee invested approximately 255 million yuan in research and development last year, a year-on-year increase of 124.96%. The R&D expense rate reached 5.08%, laying a solid foundation for WINONA to continue innovating and developing new product series through sustained investment in scientific research.

Since its inception, WINONA has been rooted in evidence-based medicine. With the support of "botanical technology" and "industry-university-research-medical", it has conducted extensive basic research and exploration in conjunction with domestic and international dermatology experts on the causes and skin texture issues related to the sensitive skin of the Chinese population. To date, WINONA has a total of 133 patents and has participated in formulating 15 national-level expert guidelines and consensus documents. It has led the formulation of 31 group standards for dermatological skincare products and presided over the formulation of 11 product standards.

For a long time, WINONA has made full use of the natural botanical resources of Yunnan, continuously extracting core ingredients from Yunnan's unique plateau plants such as PRINSEPIA UTILIS ROYLE and CAMELLIA RETICULATA, forming a team of over a hundred people in an industry-university-research-medical integrated platform. Currently, the Yunnan Special Plant Extract Laboratory, led by Botanee, has become the 37th institution to be granted the title of "Co-Certification Laboratory on National Reference Materials for Natural Products" by the Specialistic Group on Natural Product of National Technical Committee on Reference Materials.

Currently, both domestically and overseas, Chinese brands are facing a key leap from "price-performance advantages" to winning "goodwill" through quality and brand power. Over the past thirteen years, under the strategy of "widening a narrow path," WINONA sought breakthroughs in a single point, forming a highly competitive professional barrier in the field of sensitive skin. Today, WINONA, which has become a benchmark for dermatological skincare products in China, is aligning with international standards, continuously bringing the innovative strength of Chinese skincare products to the international stage, and continuously advancing the global development of dermatology.


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