Biotech Executive Beth Thompson-Webb Joins Culture Biosciences’ Board of Directors

Accomplished industry leader will strengthen commercial expertise on Culture’s Board of Directors

BOSTON, July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Culture Biosciences has appointed Beth Thompson-Webb, Chief Commercial Officer at Virica Biotech, as Independent Director to the company’s Board of Directors. Beth’s strong background in biotechnology and extensive experience scaling commercial organizations at innovative companies will be invaluable to Culture at this pivotal moment in the company’s growth trajectory.

“We are delighted to welcome Beth Thompson-Webb to our Board of Directors,” said Will Patrick, Chief Executive Officer of Culture Biosciences. “Beth’s deep understanding of bioprocessing and exceptional leadership skills are an excellent addition to the Board’s expertise as Culture continues to grow its services business, and expand our offerings to serve more biotech and biopharma customers.”

Beth Thompson-Webb has held executive positions at several biotechnology companies and brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in commercial, marketing, and sales of manufacturing products and services. In addition to her executive roles, Beth has served on the Director or Advisory Boards of other companies.

“I am excited to help Culture Biosciences navigate the promising field of innovation in upstream bioprocess development,” said Beth Webb, Chief Commercial Officer at Virica Biotech. “Culture’s technologies and services can significantly benefit biotech, biopharma companies and CDMOs alike as they aim to make the scaling processes more predictable, reliable, and cost-effective, while bringing new therapies to market faster.”

On Culture’s Board of Directors, Beth Thompson-Webb joins Executive Directors Will Patrick, CEO and Co-Founder, and Matt Ball, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, as well as Directors David Friedberg, CEO and Founder of The Production Board, Dan Phillips, Partner of Cultivian Sandbox and Sandbox Sustainability Ventures at Sandbox Industries, and Andrew Lee, PhD, Principal at Northpond Ventures.

A little more than three months after the adoption of its new corporate strategy, about a month after the creation of its inaugural Advisory Board, and only weeks after entering into a partnership with Cytiva, Culture continues to accelerate its vision of leveraging innovation in upstream bioprocessing to accelerate the development of new therapies for patients.

More about Beth Thompson-Webb

Prior to her current role as Chief Commercial Officer at Virica Biotech, a company that has pioneered  viral sensitizers to remove barriers to the manufacturing of viral medicines at scale. Beth previously served as Chief Commercial Officer of Aldevron Inc., a leading manufacturer of plasmid DNA, mRNA, and proteins for biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers across research, clinical, and commercial applications. Before that, she held roles as General Manager, Global Commercial for Cell and Gene Therapy at Cytiva and before GE Healthcare, as Chief Global Product Management at GE Digital, and as Executive Director, Global Strategic Account at GE Healthcare. Beth started her career in Sales at Bayer and Life Technologies.

Beth currently serves as Director on the Board of SMSbiotech and on the Board of Advisors of Labviva. Previously, she served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the New Jersey Innovation Institute.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and an Associate Degree in Business from Indiana University Bloomington.

About Culture Biosciences’ propriety upstream bioprocess development platform

Customers design and monitor their experiments, collaborate on projects, and access and analyze data on a fully integrated platform that offers a wide and flexible range of capacity:

  • 250mL bioreactors and 5L bioreactors, each with single-use vessels for mammalian cell lines or microbial fermentation. The 250mL reactors are mounted in mobile cart modules of four units. Customers can use up to 300 250mL reactors and either complement in-house experiments or outsource them completely.
  • Dedicated and proprietary, cloud-based software to design and monitor experiments remotely, and to integrate and analyze data in one place. Remote, hybrid or multi-location teams can collaborate virtually on this platform.
  • A suite of proprietary tools for process design and data analysis. These tools include a dynamic data analysis suite that enables rapid analysis and understanding of process and offline analytical data.

More than 70 client companies have trusted Culture Biosciences’ platform with their upstream bioprocess development in the 5 years since beginning operations in 2018. Customers include large, top-10 biopharma companies, leading CDMOs, and emerging and growing biotech clients.

About Culture Biosciences

Culture Biosciences is dedicated to innovation in upstream bioprocess development. Culture’s goal is to build new tools and services that improve the performance, time-to-develop, and cost-efficiency of therapeutic manufacturing processes. The company’s proprietary, fully integrated platform combines bioreactors, cloud-based software, and services to offer client companies around the world access to predictable, and scalable bioprocess development. Culture Biosciences was founded in 2016 and is based in South San Francisco, CA.


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