Lucidworks Enhances Its Fusion Search Platform and Lucidworks AI™, Including Integration Capabilities for All Generative AI and Large Language Models

Lucidworks AI offers expanded capabilities that include generative AI orchestration technologies, AI-based search enrichment, guardrails for LLMs, and AI expert services

SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucidworks, the leading search solutions provider, released enhancements to its Fusion platform and Lucidworks AITM. Lucidworks can now seamlessly integrate with any large language model (LLM) and provide the necessary guardrails to validate Generative AI (Gen AI) responses, ground them in truth, and minimize errors such as hallucinations. The company also released Neural Hybrid SearchTM, a capability that makes it easier to understand a user’s intent, and Smart RankTM, a dynamic ecommerce browse solution that automates content and results ranking based on a user’s context, region, operating industry, and navigation path.

Recent Gen AI tools such as Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s make AI search capabilities even more accessible and create new opportunities to build best-in-class digital experiences. Lucidworks Fusion integrates with LLMs to reduce time-to-value and seamlessly integrate the most advanced Gen AI technologies. Clients rely on Lucidworks Fusion to create the necessary guardrails and enrichments—security trimmings, data enrichment, content exclusion, and merchandising optimization—while getting the most value from the latest AI technologies.

“Generative AI has created massive opportunities for businesses that are under economic and competitive pressure to deliver a digital experience that is both best-in-class and cost-effective,” said Mike Sinoway, CEO, Lucidworks. “Lucidworks AI sets the standard in commercially viable applications of AI in search experience management. We are working with multiple clients on Gen AI deployments that accelerate time-to-value and provide the necessary guardrails to ensure generative AI responses are accurate, secure, and personalized.”

Lucidworks AI now includes the following capabilities:

  • AI orchestration capabilities (*currently in closed beta) allow organizations to manage LLMs easily in a standardized place and way. This is made possible with LLM-powered keyword extraction, summaries, retrieval augmented generation, improved embeddings model training and deployment, and semantic vector search with pre-filtering, integrated with Lucidworks AI-hosted embeddings models
  • Generative AI-based search enrichment solutions powered by integrations with LLMs
  • Guardrails for LLMs and generative AI including controls, security trimmings, data enrichment, content exclusion, merchandising and experience optimization
  • Lucidworks AI expert services, model training, best practices, and AI benchmarking

Lucidworks also announced the following enhancements to its Fusion platform:

  • Neural Hybrid Search: a unique search methodology that utilizes semantic neural networks combined with traditional lexical search techniques. Neural Hybrid Search is part of the Managed Fusion Platform, and not only analyzes keywords in a search query, but also the meaning associated with them to provide more accurate and relevant results. This combination provides a more intelligent search experience that can better adapt to users' needs.

  • Smart Rank: a new browse solution that allows organizations to automatically personalize the buyer experience based on industry, line of work, or segmented region. Smart Rank drives higher conversion rates and expedites time-to-value for result, category, and navigation pages by ranking content and items that are relevant to a shopper.

  • Lucidworks announces additional enhancements for search signal beacons, actionable insights capabilities, and consumption status monitoring. These technology and service enhancements make enterprise search experience management easier for clients.

“The advances we’re making with Lucidworks Fusion are setting the pace for the rest of the industry,” said Sinoway. “Generative AI is one of the greatest opportunities that our clients are eager to use. These new AI enhancements and features allow Lucidworks customers to drive the KPIs that matter while staying ahead of the competition.”

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