Sculpture Hospitality Clients Invest in Franchise to Expand Support for Bars and Restaurants

TORONTO, ON, July 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sculpture Hospitality, a distinguished leader in hospitality and restaurant inventory management, is pleased to announce the expansion of its network with the addition of a Sculpture Hospitality franchise in Santa Cruz, California, owned by long-standing clients Jennee Gregg and Taylor Fontana. This significant move enables Gregg and Fontana to continue using Sculpture’s services for their own restaurant, Malone’s Grille in Santa Cruz, California, while delivering top-notch inventory management services and support to bars and restaurants within their local area.

"The decision to purchase our own franchise was an easy choice,” said Gregg. “It’s an amazing program and when we decided to adopt Sculpture’s services, our lives completely changed.”

Through substantial cost savings, access to trustworthy experts, and stress alleviation, Sculpture Hospitality proved to be an essential service for Gregg and Taylor. Recognizing the need for this vital service in the ever-evolving and growing food and beverage industry, they made a strategic investment in their franchise, aiming to extend their expertise and support to other businesses.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jennee Gregg and Taylor Fontana into our network of exceptional franchise owners," said Vanessa De Caria, CEO of Sculpture Hospitality. "Their decision to join our franchise family reflects the trust, confidence, and success they have experienced through our services and the value we provide to businesses in the industry."

For aspiring entrepreneurs or hospitality professionals seeking franchise opportunities, Sculpture Hospitality offers unparalleled industry reach, expertise, and an innovative platform built upon a proven business model. With a range of versatile franchise options tailored to fit various budgets and locations, Sculpture Hospitality presents a seamless pathway to invest in your future.

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About Sculpture Hospitality

Through a mutual passion for the hospitality industry, Sculpture Hospitality was founded in 1987 as the pioneering company to develop bar and restaurant inventory management solutions. Sculpture's innovative solutions have revolutionized inventory processes, helping bars and restaurants across the hospitality sector to become more efficient and profitable. 

Since the company was founded, Sculpture Hospitality has expanded worldwide with more than 370 successful global franchisees who love providing expert inventory management solutions to businesses in the hospitality sector. 


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