New camera system went live Monday July 10th; Island cameras can now be integrated with NYPD & FBI system; Camera system upgrades part of RIOC’s recent 10-Point Public Safety Plan

Roosevelt Island, NY, July 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President & CEO Shelton J. Haynes today announced completion of upgrades to the island-wide security camera system, a major initiative in the recently unveiled 10-Point Public Safety Plan for Roosevelt Island. The $50,000+ upgrades to the camera system include the ability in the future to fully integrate Roosevelt Island’s camera system with the FBI and New York Police Department’s, which will improve law-enforcement’s ability to respond to reported crime and investigate criminal acts. The new system also includes more island cameras, cloud-based video monitoring, enhanced license plate recognition, automatic camera failover to guard against power issues, video and security analytics, and hardened cybersecurity software to ensure no intruders can access the system.  

“When we unveiled the 10-Point Public Safety Plan in May we knew some of our initiatives would take time, especially the big ones like upgrading our camera system. I am very pleased to see this project, which I think will be a real game-changer for island safety, come together so quickly,” said RIOC President and CEO Shelton Haynes. “These upgrades will do three very important things: they’ll help law-enforcement exponentially when responding to and investigating crime; they’ll serve as a strong deterrent for crime on the island; and, importantly, they’ll make everyone living on the island feel safer within the community. I want to thank PSD and the RIOC IT Department for their important work here, in addition to the NYPD for their cooperation on this initiative.” 

“Our security camera upgrades, which were long overdue, are going to make law-enforcement on the island much more effective,” said RIOC Public Safety Department Chief Kevin Brown. “The integration with the NYPD’s system is going to be particularly important. Many aren’t aware that PSD itself does not have an investigative unit—investigations are handled by NYPD, so having the ability to connect our system with theirs is going to be hugely important moving forward. Our goal is always to look for ways we can improve on our city leading crime statistics, and I believe this initiative within the 10-Point Public Safety Plan will help us in every facet of our work.” 
There are 114 strategically placed cameras on Roosevelt Island that are part of the island-wide security camera system. The new upgrades will also enhance connectivity between the island cameras, which in turn will lead to better overall system performance. 

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About Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC):The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) was created in 1984 by the State of New York as a public benefit corporation with a mission to plan, design, develop, operate, and maintain Roosevelt Island. With a focus on innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, RIOC is committed to providing services that enhance the island's residential community. RIOC manages the two-mile-long island's roads, parks, buildings, a sports facility, and public transportation, including the iconic aerial tramway. Additionally, RIOC operates a Public Safety Department that helps maintain a safe and secure environment for residents, employees, business owners, and visitors.


New Island-Wide Camera System

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