Googly-Eyed Monstrosities Await in Comedy Horror Game My Friendly Neighborhood — Now Available on PC

Beloved Children’s Characters Run Amok in DreadXP’s All-Ages Survival Horror Fright-fest

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What better way to learn your ABCs than using them to fend off an army of monstrous muppets? Today, horror games publisher DreadXP falls apart at the seams with excitement as it releases the highly-anticipated comedy survival horror title My Friendly Neighborhood! Available now on Windows PC, My Friendly Neighborhood boldly asks, "What if your favorite childhood puppet friends stopped being friendly?” It then answers that question with: “OUCHIES.”

In My Friendly Neighborhood, players strap on the old toolbelt and step into the work boots of Gordon, a repairman who takes on a job well above his pay grade. Initially tasked with shutting down the sudden broadcast of a beloved canceled children’s TV show titled The Friendly Neighborhood, Gordon finds himself faced with a whole neighborhood’s worth of floppy-armed puppet fiends.

You see, The Friendly Neighborhood used to light up TV screens and the smiling faces of children all across the world. Fans loved its colorful cast of kooky puppets who took them on educational adventures and delighted them with fun games. But the show’s popularity waned over time, and the studio had to ultimately shut its doors. Now, the show’s puppet pals are back on the air for an unscheduled encore, and they’re not so friendly anymore. Wait, are they eating each other?!

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A cheeky nod to the mascot horror trend, My Friendly Neighborhood welcomes players to a quirky horror adventure that doesn’t rely on typical blood and guts for scares (but maybe some fluff and felt) and embarks them on a non-linear fight for survival as they explore the once-abandoned studio. Players must fend off and restrain ferocious friends with an armory of workshopped non-lethal tools and duct tape, solve playful turned perilous puzzles, and hopefully uncover the sinister truth at the heart of this terrifying-yet-goofy tale.

My Friendly Neighborhood Key Features:

  • Friends or Foe-zz?: Meet and greet a colorful cast of puppet friends turned adversaries (and maybe turned friends again!)
  • Follow Directions: Non-linear, survival horror gameplay. Make sure to check your map!
  • Toys and Stuff: Arm yourself with unique weapons like the Rolodexer. Do you know your ABCs? You better — it's your ammo, and ya better manage it carefully.
  • Brain Teasers: Solve an array of puzzles in the vein of the survival horror greats.
  • Lots of Playspace: Experience a multitude of diverse environments, from the "BTS" Ray's Workshop to Cardboard Crayon Halls.
  • Don’t Be Messy: Enjoy a grid-based real-time inventory, ‘cause that's just way better.

Developed by brothers John and Evan Szymanski and published by DreadXP, My Friendly Neighborhood is available now on Windows PC via Steam and for $29.99. The game is on sale at launch with a limited-time 10% discount.

DreadXP will announce the release date for the PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox One and Series S|X versions of My Friendly Neighborhood at a later date.

A press kit with screenshots, trailers, logos, and key art is available here:

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