Skyhawk Brings its Powerful Generative AI Threat Detection to Amazon GuardDuty

Enables security teams to identify real threats and respond faster to the right GuardDuty findings, with a higher level of response automation and operational efficiency

NEW YORK, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Skyhawk Security, the originator of cloud threat detection and response (CDR, now also called CIRA by Gartner), is ramping up security for Amazon clients by applying its powerful ChatGPT Threat Detector and Security Advisor technology to Amazon GuardDuty.

Skyhawk will be demonstrating the power of its new threat detection bringing ChatGPT AI to Amazon GuardDuty in booth 1008 at the AWS Summit, taking place Wednesday, July 26, 2023 in New York City’s Javits Center.

The Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform with ChatGPT AI enhances GuardDuty by making sense of the large number of potential security findings it generates, correlating and ordering them, and then adding all available forensics to a single pane of glass. The addition of Skyhawk’s multi-layered AI and machine learning technology to detect real threats in near real time increases operational efficiency by better distinguishing between benign and malicious anomalies. It only creates a “realert” when a real threat threshold is reached, one that indicates a threat actor’s activity is actually occurring, and doing so in real time. As a result, Synthesis reports 100X fewer events, a realistic number a security team can manage, investigate and remediate.

The new upgrade detects real threats faster too. Skyhawk’s testing shows that in 78% of cases the platform produced alerts earlier when adding ChatGPT AI to the threat scoring process.

Skyhawk also makes forensics easier by providing enhanced context, better explanations of the threats and automated response remediation.

The results are robust CDR and lower Total Cost of Ownership for Cloud Native Threat Detection. Skyhawk delivers comprehensive breach prevention and focused, well explained alerts, so security teams know what to address first and how to respond faster to incidents.

“We designed Synthesis to use AI and machine learning technology to improve security teams’ productivity through automation, lowering costs and risks,” said Chen Burshan, CEO of Skyhawk Security. “Combining Skyhawk’s multi-layers AI with ChatGPT and applying that to Amazon GuardDuty reduces the mean time to respond significantly and makes Synthesis and GuardDuty a perfect example of AWS’ better together approach. Together, we find the threats that matter faster in runtime, in near real time, without the overheard of agents. The solution helps security teams better respond to security incidents and understand how to remediate them, thus preventing breaches that might otherwise fly under the radar.”

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About Skyhawk Security 
Skyhawk Security is the originator of Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CDR), helping hundreds of users map and remediate sophisticated threats to cloud infrastructure in minutes. Led by a team of cyber security and cloud professionals who built the original CSPM category, Skyhawk Security evolves cloud security posture management far beyond scanning and static configuration analysis. Instead, using advanced ML sequencing of context-based behaviors, Skyhawk provides CDR within a ‘Runtime Hub’ to quickly detect and remediate malicious activities across multiple cloud platforms as they happen. Skyhawk Security is a spin-off of Radware® (NASDAQ:RDWR).

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