NisonCo, America’s First Cannabis-Centric PR Firm, Celebrates a Decade of Advocacy and Adaptability

The Nation’s Oldest Cannabis Public Relations Firm Has Grown Alongside the Regulated Cannabis Industry

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NisonCo, America’s oldest cannabis-focused PR, SEO, and marketing firm, is thrilled to celebrate 10 years of successful operation. Over the past ten years, NisonCo has effectively forecasted and pivoted to fulfill the needs of its clients in specialty industries, most notably in hemp, cannabis, and psychedelics.

NisonCo has been an active member of the regulated cannabis industry since the beginning. The firm began in 2013, the same year as the first legal cannabis sale in America, as an extension of Founder and President Evan Nison’s advocacy work in the cannabis space. NisonCo’s first public relations clients came from word of mouth, and over the years, NisonCo has expanded its service offerings and client list.

Throughout its first decade, NisonCo has remained focused on social justice and advocacy, working to improve the cannabis community and creating a business environment that has earned it consecutive awards for best employers to work for in 2021 and 2022.

Today, NisonCo is a leader in SEO, PR, marketing, and content creation. Their nearly 150 client record run the gamut from large multi-state operators (MSOs) to start-ups, nonprofits, and individual entrepreneurs. The well-established firm’s impressive catalog of active media relationships allows it to place more than 1,000 stories annually, earning a strong customer referral rate.

“The PR, SEO and digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in 10 years, and the secret to NisonCo is we are early innovators to tech trends,” said NisonCo Director of Operations Tori Gates. “When we enable technological progress, the human workforce can use their higher cognitive functioning to think broader, do work with greater impacts, and have extra time to give back to their communities.”

Ten years after its inception, the firm remains focused on advocacy. NisonCo offers pro bono services to like-minded organizations dedicated to doing social good in various industries, primarily hemp, cannabis, and psychedelics. Many team members pursue activism in their free time, and NisonCo works to support a culture of advocacy at work and beyond.

“NisonCo has repeatedly helped me achieve my business goals, and the team is a pleasure to work with,” said Founder, President, and CEO of Green Lion Partners Jeff Zucker, who also hosts the popular social entrepreneurship podcast People Are the Answer. “It’s rare to see a firm that simultaneously upholds its values and drives effective results. NisonCo does just that.”

Over the past ten years, NisonCo has helped many prominent companies achieve ever-greater levels of success. The company has increased domain authority for Daily High Club by securing reviews and links, helped Greenlane become Florida's go-to wholesale distribution company, and partnered with many other future-facing businesses.

“NisonCo’s innovative SEO strategies helped my company become visible to new clients and show up under new search terms,” said Dip Devices CEO Mike Bologna. “The team’s experience and industry knowledge shine through in their entire portfolio, and I always enjoy working with them.”

The firm’s clients aren’t the only ones recognizing NisonCo's work; year after year, the enterprising agency is consistently awarded accolades. NisonCo was included on lists of the best cannabis PR firms in 2017, 2018, and 2019 by the Cannabis Industry Journal, Observer, and Green Market Report. Benzinga recognized them as a top digital marketing company, and Business Insider named them “the pre-eminent firm in the cannabis sector” in 2021. In 2022, Observer recognized them as one of the best PR firms in America. This regular recognition speaks to the quality of NisonCo’s work.

“It’s been incredible to see this organization grow over the past decade,” says NisonCo Founder and President Evan Nison. “This company has allowed me to continue my advocacy work and positively impact the cannabis industry, and I can’t wait to continue building.”

NisonCo is celebrating ten years throughout 2023 and is accepting new PR, SEO, marketing, and content creation clients. You can keep up with NisonCo on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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NisonCo Marketing
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