Cerbos Adds Major New Features to Cerbos Cloud for Streamlining the Implementation and Management of Authorization Policies at Limitless Scale

LONDON, July 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerbos, the adaptive authorization software company, today announced that it is adding major new features to Cerbos Cloud based on beta user feedback. Cerbos Cloud was first introduced in April and is currently in private beta: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/04/12/2645616/0/en/Cerbos-Supercharges-the-Ability-to-Manage-and-Enforce-Authorization-Policies-at-Limitless-Scale-Closes-7-5-Million-in-Seed-Funding.html

"I'm impressed by Cerbos Cloud's architecture, featuring a hosted control plane for management while keeping authorization traffic within your local network for low latency. This eliminates regulatory issues and highlights the importance of authorization in SaaS platforms. Delegating the deployment process with built-in safeguards against policy failures ensures a seamless rollout without accidental rogue policy deployments," said Rasmus Dencker, CTO at Firtal Group.

Cerbos Cloud is a managed service offering for the popular open source product, Cerbos, and simplifies the process of managing authorization policies, testing changes and distributing updates in real-time. It is a scalable solution for developers who want to save time, streamline their workflows and confidently roll out authorization updates, letting them focus on delivering great products and improving the end-user experience.

“Our aim is to make the implementation and management of roles and permissions a breeze. Cerbos Cloud simplifies and facilitates all the auxiliary work developers have to do in order to deploy and maintain Cerbos,” said Emre Baran, co-founder and CEO of Cerbos.

Cerbos is an authorization layer to easily implement roles and permissions in software applications. It separates authorization logic from the core application code, making the authorization layers more scalable, more secure and easier to change as the complexity grows. Cerbos is used by hundreds of organizations in production today with tens of millions of authorization checks being done weekly and downloaded more than 250,000 times.

Cerbos takes a unique stateless approach which enables limitless scale. As application usage and authorization logic complexity grows, Cerbos can be scaled up to handle the increased volume without any limits or additional operational overhead. At the same time, Cerbos takes a policy-based approach that keeps all authorization rules centralized and manageable, decoupling it from the codebase. This enables roles and permissions rules to be updated without rewriting code, all while maintaining strong audit logs, a requirement for regulated industries. 

Cerbos Cloud offers a range of powerful features that simplify authorization management for developers: 

  • The fully managed cloud handles the nitty-gritty of policy management and coordinates with the Cerbos instances running inside the environment, without external dependencies, ensuring that the developer stays in control while maintaining low-latency authorization checks. 
  • The managed CI pipeline makes policy testing and distribution easy while policies remain in the developer’s GitHub repo which they can control and manage access to.
  • A git-based workflow to handle different environments, deployments of developer branches.

New features being added include:

  • Automated detection of configuration issues to alert users that intervention is needed for Cerbos Cloud to work efficiently.
  • More granular controls and metrics on how local Policy Decisions Points connect and under which identity they authenticate with to support infrastructure and devops teams rolling out Cerbos.
  • Organizational support and team management capabilities to enable relevant stakeholders to be onboarded to Cerbos Cloud and collaborate on authorization policy.

About Cerbos
Cerbos’ mission is to make authorization simpler to implement and manage to free up product teams so they can focus on building their core products and driving business value. Hundreds of organizations are using Cerbos in production today, and tens of millions of authorization checks are being done every week, powering countless applications, processes and decisions. Cerbos has a globally distributed team. For more information, please visit: https://cerbos.dev/ or follow @cerbosdev.

Media and Analyst Contact:
Amber Rowland