AHIMA Microcredentials Empower Health Information Professionals to Thrive in a Skills-Based Job Market

CHICAGO, July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is proud to announce the launch of six innovative microcredentials specifically designed for health information (HI) professionals. The first of their kind in the HI field, AHIMA Microcredentials are a flexible, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. 

As skills-based hiring continues to gain momentum across industries, employers are increasingly prioritizing candidates with specialized expertise. According to a Coursera survey of 5,000 students and employers across 11 countries, 77 percent of employers already utilize or explore skills-based hiring practices, and 97 percent are considering it.  

Recognizing this shift in healthcare and the increasing importance of HI integrity, AHIMA has developed microcredentials for high-demand skill sets demonstrating the HI professional’s proficiency in specialized areas, commitment to skills-based competency, and understanding of industry priorities. 

"The launch of AHIMA Microcredentials is a game changer for the HI profession," said AHIMA Board Secretary Thea Campbell, MBA, RHIA. "These specialized credentials provide a unique pathway for individuals to validate their skills, stand out in a competitive job market, and accelerate their career growth. The focus on skills-based hiring aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of employers and offers professionals the opportunity to continually upskill and expand their knowledge." 

AHIMA is offering six AHIMA Microcredentials now and will deploy more in the coming months: 

Clinical Documentation Integrity Outpatient 
Release of Information 
Risk Adjustment Coding 
Auditing: Inpatient Coding 
Auditing: Outpatient Coding 
Patient Identification and Matching 

AHIMA harnessed the wealth of knowledge held by credentialed professionals in developing these microcredentials. To ensure its microcredentials are relevant, practical, and impactful and address the emerging challenges and skills demanded in today's healthcare landscape, 
AHIMA collaborated with approximately 30 credentialed HI professionals who provided valuable insights and industry-specific perspectives. 

"I am honored to have partnered with AHIMA and a talented group of HI professionals in developing microcredentials for the profession,” said AHIMA member Monica M. Watson, RHIA, CPC, CCS, CCS-P, CPMA, CIC, CRC, CDEO, RAP. “As the healthcare landscape continues to change and evolve, HI professionals play an increasingly expanding role. I applaud AHIMA for its commitment to being at the forefront, offering professionally differentiating credentials to enhance our expertise and attract new talent to the HI profession." 

To learn more about AHIMA Microcredentials, please visit ahima.org/microcredentials


About AHIMA 
The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a global nonprofit association of health information (HI) professionals with more than 67,000 members and more than 100,000 credentials in the field. The AHIMA mission of empowering people to impact health® drives our members and credentialed HI professionals to ensure that health information is accurate, complete, and available to patients and providers. Our leaders work at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business and are found in data integrity and information privacy job functions worldwide. 


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