Autolist's Annual Electric Vehicle Survey Reveals Potential Challenges to Widespread Consumer Adoption

Car shopper feedback shows concerns easing around the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), but those resisting EVs are becoming more entrenched in their views

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Autolist, a CarGurus (Nasdaq: CARG) company providing a fast-growing mobile-focused new and used car search engine, has released its annual Electric Vehicle (EV) Survey offering insights into evolving consumer attitudes towards EVs.

The survey, which polled 3,100 current car shoppers, revealed that the top consumer concerns about EVs — price, range, and access to charging — have eased compared to the previous year. However, resistance to EVs is becoming more entrenched, particularly among lower-income shoppers.

Year-over-year, the top three shopper concerns toward EVs remained unchanged; however, the difference between the top concerns and the remaining responses narrowed in 2023:

  • 42% (down from 49% in 2022) cited EVs as too expensive to buy or lease
  • 39% (down from 44% in 2022) were worried about range on a single charge
  • 33% (down from 35% in 2022) were concerned about where to charge an EV

The survey also noted a positive response to Tesla opening up its Supercharging network to other brands, with 22% of respondents stating this would make them more likely to consider an EV for their next vehicle.

"More shoppers view EVs as real-world possibilities as the market matures and EVs become more capable," said Corey Lydstone, founder and CEO of Autolist. "However, these gains are largely limited to higher-income households. Making EVs affordable for all consumers will be essential to their widespread adoption."

According to survey results, the upfront costs for EVs and the lack of a place to charge at home (or inability to install a charger) are concerns felt most acutely among lower-income shoppers. 46% of respondents making under $30,000 cited EVs’ upfront costs as a major hurdle, versus the survey average of 42%. Meanwhile, one third of respondents making under $30,000 said they had no place to charge an EV where they lived, versus the survey average of 27% of people who cited this as a top concern.

Overall, Autolist’s survey found that the lower the income of the respondent, the more likely they were to:

  • Say they don’t see themselves owning an EV in the future
  • Say there weren’t any public charging stations in their community
  • Cite a lack of charging stations in their area as a key reason they wouldn’t buy an EV
  • Cite their unfamiliarity with EVs as a key reason they wouldn’t buy an EV

Vehicle affordability remains a challenge across the board, but EV pricing is beginning to ease as we’re seeing greater availability of new models with a wider variety of body styles and price points,” said Kevin Roberts, Director of Insights and Analytics at CarGurus. “The continued adoption of EVs is also improving the inventory of used EVs. However, less than 30% of used dealers have an EV on lot, limiting the ability for interested used car shoppers to view and test models in person.”

Across all respondents, Autolist’s poll uncovered that resistance to EVs is becoming more entrenched for some consumers. When Autolist asked respondents whether they ever see themselves owning an electric vehicle, 39% said yes (down from 42% in 2022), 26% said no (up from 21% in 2022), 28% said they were unsure (down slightly from 30% the year prior), and 7% noted they currently owned an EV (unchanged year-over-year). Shoppers who responded “no” to this question cited the same top three concerns as those in the overall results, further indicating that views on EV pricing, range, and access to charging are not improving for certain segments of shoppers.

The full 2023 Electric Vehicle Survey is available here.

The Autolist Electric Vehicle Survey was conducted between February and July 2023, surveying 3,100 car shoppers through its website and its iOS and Android app.

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