GUEST AVAILABILITY: ‘Dark Future’ Co-author and Contributor Can Explain ‘The Great Reset’ and Agenda of Powerful Global Elites

In book co-authored by radio host Glenn Beck, The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal explain how The Great Reset was just the beginning

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s Terrifying Next Phase, released this month, was an instant #1 seller on and debuted this week on the New York Times Best Seller List

At important meetings in 2021 and 2022, powerful leaders from government, finance, media, and business who support the World Economic Forum’s plan for a Great Reset of capitalism launched a new “call to action” titled the “Great Narrative.” The Great Narrative campaign seeks to use the decay of traditional values throughout the West and new and future advancements in technology—including in the areas of artificial intelligence, automation, the metaverse, robotics, and more—to seize control of economies and societies in North America and Europe.

The elites behind these proposals even plan to impact the way people across cultures and the planet understand what it means to be human and to have free will. According to the leaders of The Great Reset and Great Narrative movements, by the year 2030, your world will be fundamentally transformed.

Together, the highly influential and often extremely wealthy figures and institutions behind the Great Narrative are building a troubling new framework for humanity, one that has the potential to change life on earth forever. Just as worrisome, the Communist Party of China and Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime in Russia are adopting technology-centric approaches of their own to control citizens and institutions, both domestically and abroad.

In Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s Terrifying Next Phase, New York Times bestselling authors Glenn Beck and Justin Haskins reveal the most important technologies and social and cultural changes that will soon cause an unprecedented level of disruption in the United States, as well as in countless other nations. They also outline the dangers and opportunities associated with these disruptions and provide a plan to protect individuals and families from losing their liberty.

How the free people of the world react to the challenges outlined in this revolutionary book will change the course of history for generations to come. In this emerging, intense struggle for the future of humankind, whose side will you be on?

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 “The next industrial revolution is going to usher in a period of unprecedented change, economic growth, and breathtaking innovation, but it could also come at a great cost: your freedom. Davos elites, large financial firms, Wall Street giants like Blackrock, and woke corporations are all colluding together to ‘design the future’ so that the next wave of new technologies is embedded with ideology that elites favor.

“Artificial intelligence, central bank digital currencies, bioengineering, and other innovations are all being developed in ways that restrict or eliminate your liberties. In Dark Future, you'll learn about those efforts, discover the terrifying truth about the next phase of the Great Reset, and you’ll see a new game plan that could be used to stop Davos and Biden in their tracks.”

Justin Haskins
Director, Socialism Research Center
The Heartland Institute

“Technologies of the future – including AI, advanced robotics, CBDCs, and bioengineering – are primed to cause major disruptions in our economy and society in the coming years. And those holding some of the most influential seats of power in the world are proactively sowing the seeds of their ideologies into the very foundations of these revolutionary innovations. The combination of this power and influence sets the table for a level of control and manipulation by the ruling elites never before seen in history.”

Donald Kendal
Research Fellow, Co-Leader
Socialism Research Center

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Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset's Terrifying Next Phase

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