UnitedLex Unveils $10M Innovation Program to Develop and Incubate Next Gen Legal Data Offerings

New investment in expanded AI strategy builds on company’s deep expertise and leadership in transformative applications for global client base

NEW YORK, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UnitedLex, a leading data and professional services company specializing in litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations, announces the formal launch of an innovation center designed to incubate new ideas and build and pressure test capabilities across legal. Aaron Crews, recently appointed as Chief Product and Innovation Officer, will lead this strategic initiative focused on taking the best ideas from employees, clients, and the broader market from proof of concept to productization.

The multiyear financial commitment--with $10 million earmarked--will expand UnitedLex’s data science capabilities in an environment increasingly led by pragmatism. The company will assess and license impactful technologies, internally ideate and develop data assets and applications, and invest in and partner with up-and-coming AI and big data companies that will shape the future of legal services.

“We know the best ideas come from both clients and the people who are working on solutions and service delivery day in and day out,” said Crews. “This incubator will allow us to further modernize service delivery and define the UnitedLex product roadmap.”

From large language models that parse and autogenerate content for pleadings and motions, to tools that identify and extract sensitive information, the initiative captures the best ideas to responsibly advance the next generation of legal data science applications. The primary objective is to continue to modernize how lawyers and legal departments leverage data to do their jobs faster, more efficiently, and with less cost and risk.

“We embed the latest technologies into innovative solutions that solve problems and reveal sources of cost and risk for our clients,” said Natalie Dudina, Director of Digital Delivery. “This new office will be a conduit for fresh, new ideas that accelerate innovation, insights, and the value we deliver to our clients around the world.”

This formal launch is preceded by a period of intense and continuous focus on data science and AI as it relates to the product strategy. In February, the company launched its Vantage Intelligence Repository and has made a number of key hires to build out its bench of data scientists and digital experts.

To learn more about how UnitedLex activates the full potential of legal with innovative, data-centric solutions, visit www.unitedlex.com.

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UnitedLex is a data and professional services company delivering outcomes that create value for high-performing law firms and corporate legal departments in the areas of digital litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations. Founded in 2006 with a mission to push the boundaries of legal innovation, we provide solutions that enable measurable performance improvement, risk mitigation, revenue gain, cost reduction, and digital business synergy. Our team of 3,000+ legal, data, and technology professionals supports our clients from operational centers around the world. 

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