Puro.earth and Xpansiv Partner to Expand Distribution Capacity for the Carbon Removals Market

Certificates from leading engineered carbon removal platform to be made available on Xpansiv’s CBL Spot Exchange

HELSINKI, NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY  Puro.earth, the world’s first and leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal, and Xpansiv, the principal market infrastructure provider for the global energy transition, today announced that Puro.earth CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) will be listed for trading on Xpansiv spot marketplace CBL, the largest spot exchange for trading voluntary carbon credits, renewable energy certificates (REC), and other environmental commodities.

Bringing these two platforms together is a significant development in scaling the carbon removals market. Puro.earth’s robust, diverse supplier base offers buyers a rich source of quality removal credits. Xpansiv’s marketplace brings together hundreds of global participants to transact on a centralized, fully transparent exchange platform and post-trade infrastructure.

“Our partnership with Xpansiv marks an important step to scale the market for high-quality carbon removal credits, which are essential in private sector, net-zero programs,” said Antti Vihavainen, CEO, Puro.earth. “Puro’s guiding principle has been to establish the least disputable methodologies for carbon removal, which has led to relatively small volumes of available credits for the first years. Now that several new projects are orders of magnitude larger than previously, CBL’s central position in the carbon markets will be critical in enhancing transparent price discovery and liquidity formation, enabling participants to engage with greater certainty and confidence.”

The Puro.earth ecosystem of carbon removers consists of 116 suppliers of negative emissions and another 600 companies in the supplier funnel preparing to get certified.

“We welcome Puro.earth as a valued partner bringing to market innovative carbon removal projects,” said John Melby, CEO, Xpansiv. “Our exchange participants are keen to incorporate removals into their credit portfolios and look forward to trading and managing them through our platform.”

The partnership will enable hundreds of active CBL participants to trade CORCs alongside a broad range of environmental commodities used to finance the global energy transition. In addition to being listed on CBL, CORC transactions will be settled via the exchange’s post-trade service.

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About Puro.earth

Nasdaq-backed Puro.earth is the world's leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Its mission is to mobilize the economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions by helping voluntary corporate buyers accelerate carbon dioxide removal at an industrial global scale.

  • Puro Standard creates carbon credit methodologies for processes that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for at least 100 years. It then certifies suppliers that run those processes and issues digital, tradable CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) into the public Puro Registry per metric ton of carbon dioxide removed. CORCs are purchased directly from suppliers or via sales channel partners by ambitious corporations like Microsoft, Shopify, and Zurich Insurance, to help reverse climate change and neutralize residual carbon emissions.
  • Puro Accelerate is a program to scale the carbon removal ecosystem, assisting suppliers who require financing to launch or expand operations through CORC advance market commitments and prepayments.

Website: puro.earth; LinkedIn Puro.earth; Twitter @PuroCO2Removal

For Puro.earth media enquiries, please email: puro@gongcommunications.com

About Xpansiv

Xpansiv operates the market infrastructure to rapidly scale the world’s energy transition. The company runs the largest spot exchange for environmental commodities, including carbon credits and renewable energy certificates. It is the premier provider of registry infrastructure for energy, power, and environmental markets. It also operates the largest independent platform for managing and selling solar renewable energy credits in North America.

Xpansiv is a leading provider of transaction and advisory services in global carbon, renewable energy, and energy transition markets through its Carbon Financial Services and Evolution Markets units. It also runs the leading multi-registry, multi-asset environmental portfolio management system and market data service.

Website: xpansiv.com; LinkedIn Xpansiv; Twitter @Xpansiv

For Xpansiv media enquiries, please email: xpansiv@cognitomedia.com