Starbox Successfully Integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Creation Engine Supporting Graphics into its Multi-Modal AI Generated Content (AIGC) Engine - StarBoxGPT to Increase Creativity Output and Optimize Content Creation Cost

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aug. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: STBX) (the “Company” or “Starbox” or “Starbox Group”), a service provider of cash rebates, digital advertising, and payment solutions, today is proud to announce that it has successfully integrated its AI content creation engine supporting graphics into its AIGC engine – StarBoxGPT (the “Integration”). As previously disclosed in a press release dated July 26, 2023, the Company launched its independently developed StarBoxGPT, an AI content creation platform that incorporates multimodal functions to provide AI service to Southeast Asian customers. The AI content creation engine supporting graphics is an innovative technology that utilizes the power of AI to enhance the utility of graphic design, which the Company anticipates will increase creative output and optimize content creation costs.

The Integration aims to change the world of image creation under the “StarboxAI - ImPro” product series. By leveraging cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, this multi-modal AIGC engine now possesses the ability to analyze user input and automatically suggest an array of design elements, color palettes, and layouts. This seamless amalgamation streamlines the design process. With the AI content creation engine supporting graphics, generating images that precisely align with specific contexts or keywords is now achievable. By simply providing a brief description or a few relevant keywords, the system can create tailor-made visuals, enabling content creators to craft stories and convey messages visually. Embracing this technological development, businesses and individuals alike can utilize a new method in their content creation endeavors.

Mr. Lee Choon Wooi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Starbox Group, commented: “AI content creation engine supporting graphics represents a significant leap in the Company’s development. Our integrated StarBoxGPT aims to redefine the way users interact with technology. From immersive visuals to personalized engagement and predictive capabilities, this system aims to enhance users’ captivating experience and efficiency. By synergizing multiple data modalities and providing users with creative graphic design tools, we believe the Integration will open up new avenues for self-expression and communication”.

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Headquartered in Malaysia, Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. is a technology-driven, rapidly growing company with innovation as its focus. Starbox is aiming to be a comprehensive AI solutions provider within Southeast Asia and also engaging in building a cash rebate, digital advertising, and payment solution business ecosystem targeting micro, small, and medium enterprises that lack the bandwidth to develop an in-house data management system for effective marketing. The Company connects retail merchants with retail shoppers to facilitate transactions through cash rebates offered by retail merchants on its GETBATS website and mobile app. The Company provides digital advertising services to advertisers through its SEEBATS website and mobile app, GETBATS website and mobile app and social media. The Company also provides payment solution services to merchants. For more information, please visit the Company’s website:

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