Normalyze Extends Its Data Security Posture Management Platform to Secure Data in Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Environments

DSPM for ‘data everywhere’ provides unprecedented visibility across IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and on-prem data stores

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Normalyze, a pioneer in cloud data security, today introduced new capabilities to protect data across hybrid cloud deployments and on-premises environments. With an extensive platform that already offers comprehensive data security posture management for data at rest and in motion across all IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS data assets, Normalyze now provides IT and security teams with unprecedented visibility into data housed on premises. With Normalyze, companies that operate hybrid cloud environments can now manage their data security posture from a single platform for a complete understanding of their data attack surface.

"In the face of expanding hybrid infrastructures and escalating regulatory requirements, achieving comprehensive visibility into our on-premises and cloud data posed a significant challenge for our security and compliance teams," said Damian Werts, Principal Security Engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks. "With the integration of Normalyze's hybrid cloud capabilities, we have the ability to evaluate our complete data landscape, wherever it resides. Normalyze has allowed us to prioritize effectively, targeting risks that carry the greatest potential business impact."
According to an ESG report “2/3 organizations prefer a comprehensive integrated data security platform” as security solutions offered by cloud native tools as well as existing solutions built for a non-cloud world do not scale to the current reality of cloud data.

With Normalyze, security teams can now secure data in hybrid cloud environments as follows:

  • Discover all sensitive content in their on-premises database deployments
  • Assess monetary value associated with sensitive data
  • Identify and prioritize data exposure risks, anomalous activity associated with sensitive data, and duplicated data
  • Maintain a consistent data security posture across all surfaces where enterprise data resides

“Legacy data security tools have been built and optimized for a single surface area where data resides and do not scale for all the different surfaces and platforms where enterprise data today resides including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and on-prem,” said Amer Deeba, CEO and co-founder of Normalyze. “Organizations with sophisticated hybrid environment frameworks struggle to get an end-to-end picture of the risks across all data stores. Now they can, with Normalyze in one platform that supports data everywhere and provides security teams a comprehensive dashboard for data across the board – for both structured and unstructured – using patented, privacy-friendly data scanners with quick onboarding and highest degrees of accuracy.”

With the explosion in data – driven by workload migration to the cloud – it is no longer enough for cybersecurity teams to treat data protection as a secondary capability. The need for a holistic data security platform is paramount enabling security teams to be data first in their cyber defenses. The Normalyze data security platform was purpose built to have data as the central focus of security operations and with a cloud native architecture to scale to customers’ ever proliferating data assets across various public cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Normalyze platform’s capabilities already include:

  • Comprehensive data discovery & classification
  • Data access governance with full visibility into access configurations and granular privileges associated with sensitive data
  • Data exposure risks prioritized by monetary impact to customer
  • Extensive customization - Ability to build custom, sensitive data classifiers, policies, queries for ad hoc-investigations

Product Availability:
With the latest product update, Normalyze data security capabilities for on-premises data stores (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.) are now available for customers.

Support for additional data stores including on-premises file share solutions will be available within the next quarter.

About Normalyze:
Normalyze is a pioneering provider of cloud data security solutions helping customers secure their data, applications, identities, and infrastructure across public clouds. With Normalyze, organizations can discover and visualize their cloud data attack surface within minutes and get real-time visibility and control into their security posture, including access, configurations, and sensitive data to secure cloud infrastructures at scale. The Normalyze patented and agentless scanning platform continuously discovers resources, sensitive data and access paths across all cloud environments. The company was founded by industry veterans Ravi Ithal and Amer Deeba and has several customers, including ChargePoint, Corelight, Fairfield, Ginkgo Bio, Netskope, Sigma Computing and others. The company is funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures.

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