William Shatner Beams via Hologram in Real Life

The man who popularized the science fiction concept of beaming to new worlds has joined the hologram original, Proto, as an advisor; His first ever real life beam was  from Los Angeles to Australia for Advertising Week APAC keynote

Los Angeles, CA | Sydney, Australia, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proto Inc. announced today that William Shatner has joined the company as an advisor and used the technology for the first time to beam live, giving a keynote in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Shatner was able to see and hear the audience at Advertising Week APAC 2023 and the host, Catherine Bowe, Client Council & Industry Trade Lead, Meta APAC, and respond in real time across 7500 miles  – just as if he was in the room.

“You’re there in Australia and I’m here in Los Angeles,” said William Shatner. “BUT thanks to Proto hologram, we’re together.” 

See scenes from William Shatner’s historic Proto holoportation. 

Advertising Week APAC 2023 took place at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park. The two day event  brought the entire advertising and marketing industry together  and included the debut of the AWAPAC Future is Female Awards, presented by LinkedIn. William Shatner beamed into the Great Minds stage on the second day of the event to discuss the latest on technology, innovation and our planet. Bowe later called interviewing Shatner via Proto one of the highlights of her career. Proto’s distributor in Australia, TeleIn, produced the Sydney side of the live beam. 

Caption: William Shatner beams via Proto hologram to talk with Meta's Catherine Bowe at Advertising Week APAC 2023. Credit: Shutterstock for Advertising Week APAC

Proto is the original, patented, self-contained hologram device and the platform that makes holoportation a reality. The company has offices on five continents, and beams executives, artists, athletes, teachers and doctors around the globe on a regular basis. 

“William Shatner stamped the idea holoportation on our imaginations with his performances on Star Trek and now he can beam anywhere on Earth, in real life,” said David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO of Proto Inc. “With Captain Kirk advising us, there’s nowhere Proto can’t go.” 

Proto is backed by Tim Draper (Tesla, SpaceX, Skype), Mike Walsh (Uber), and other influential investors such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, Howie Mandel and Paris Hilton. Clients include Accenture, Amazon, BT, Christie's, IBM, PwC, Softbank, T-Mobile, Walmart, Virgin Media 02 and Verizon and Proto has done marketing events with the NFL, NBA, NHL, Audi, Kia, Netflix, H&M and more. Recent celebrity Proto users include Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Pratt, Whitney Cummings, Logan Paul and Manny Paquiao.  Proto just achieved SOC 2 Type II status, making it the only hologram company certified secure and private. 

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bHwjc0FV6QlT1dIuJ41F_TIXKZnQ57sR?usp=share_link Credit: Shutterstock for Advertising Week APAC

For more information about Proto contact: owen@protohologram.com

For more information about TeleIn and Proto in Australia contact: hello@telein.com.au  

For more information about Advertising Week APAC contact: Lillian.Morrison@edelman.com

About Proto Inc.:
Proto is the global creator, and leading provider, of the award winning and patented Proto OS and holographic communications platform. With 100s of Proto units permanently deployed globally, and with a growing live events, production, and rental division, Proto is beaming people, brands and digital assets worldwide. Proto has become the fastest growing communications and marketing solution in retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, education, financial services, tech and the arts. Proto is a 4X honoree at the CES Innovation awards and has been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list two years in a row. Proto is a VC and mega-celebrity backed technology company based in Los Angeles with satellite showrooms and distributors in New York, Las Vegas, Nashville, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Brisbane, Jakarta, and Seoul. More info at protohologram.com.

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About TeleIn: With hundreds of local and international deployments across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea  TeleIn is the trusted telepresence solution provider for organisations from 5 people to 50,000.  Founder Benjamin Farkas has worked at the forefront of immersive technologies since 2015, demonstrating how companies can leverage technology to accelerate growth, and user engagement and find efficiencies in their current workflows. Learn more at TeleIn.com.au



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