Colombian Travellers – Top 10 Most Visited Countries – according to Visited App

Travel App, Visited has published top travel trends for Colombian Travellers

TORONTO, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visited travel app, has over 1.7 million users across the globe and is translated in over 30 languages. The travel app allows users to map their journeys, pick popular destinations they wish to visit, to see personal travel stats and discover new destinations by swiping pictures of places. The travel app can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

According to the travel app Visited, Colombia is in 75th in the world to visit. With the average users having been to 18 countries in the world.

The most wished for country is Australia, with 45% of users having it as a “want” destination. While the most visited country in the world is France, with its capital Paris, ranking most popular among travelers, which for Colombian travellers is only in 3rd spot.

Visited App has recently published the top 10 most visited countries from Colombia. The list includes:

1)    USA
2)    Spain
3)    France
4)    Mexico
5)    Italy
6)    Panama
7)    Germany
8)    Argentina
9)    United Kingdom
10)  Peru

“Most surprising country to be ranked first is the United States, due to the need for a travel visa. France, is also surprising, because it is the most visited country in the world, however, it is in third place for Colombian travellers,” said Anna Kayfitz, Founder of The Visited App.

For those looking for more travel stats, you can download the travel report. This report highlights how many countries travellers around the world visit, want to visit, and lists all the popular destinations.

About Visited App:

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