Inmar Intelligence Continues Momentum in Healthcare, Powering Safer and Smarter Organizations to Enhance Patients' Lives

Product innovation and strategic partnerships guide the healthcare industry through transformative legislation

Winston-Salem, Aug. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inmar Intelligence, the leading provider of data-driven healthcare technology solutions, is proud to disclose its continued momentum in the healthcare industry. With several significant milestones on the horizon and a range of strategic partnerships, Inmar Intelligence is poised to drive positive change and innovation, making healthcare organizations safer and smarter, ultimately improving patients' lives.

The pharmaceutical industry is set to experience three major advancements in the coming months, and Inmar Intelligence is at the forefront of this transformative period.

First, the full implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and USP <800> regulations in November 2023 will revolutionize pharmaceutical supply chain management, ensuring greater transparency and accountability while enhancing medication safety practices. As a result, Inmar Intelligence has committed to the expansion of its Serialization efforts with The RxTransparent Scan & Reconcile Module, a key component of the RxTransparent platform. Six out of the ten largest health systems in the United States rely on RxTransparent, with projections indicating that by 2024, more than 45 percent of hospitals will utilize this groundbreaking solution.

Currently, Inmar Intelligence automates recalls for 60+ percent of U.S. hospitals keeping expired medicines from impacting patients or hospital workers. These developments mark a substantial step forward in enhancing patient safety, reducing errors, and optimizing supply chain management.

This momentum extends to Inmar Intelligence’s partnerships with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). Notably, Inmar Intelligence has renewed its reverse distribution agreement, Rx Returns, with Vizient and Vizient aggregation groups for another year. Additionally, Inmar Intelligence has established long-term group purchasing agreements with Premier for Rx Returns and Sponsored Consumer Drug Take-Back, while also securing a OneRecall renewal and MedEx expansion. MMCAP Infuse has also demonstrated its trust in Inmar’s solutions, solidifying its place as a DSCSA vendor, as well as through a new long-term agreement for Rx Returns.

The upcoming Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) change to point-of-sale in January 2024 will also significantly impact pricing and reimbursement strategies. In response, Inmar Intelligence has re-launched Payer Contract Management to care for shifts in the marketplace and is expanding its Analytics on Demand line to include the Pharmacy Revenue Cycle to empower clients to swiftly assess contract compliance and identify business problems efficiently through on-demand access to comprehensive data, trends, and benchmarks.

Inmar Intelligence has also experienced significant growth across its Compliance portfolio, with the company's suite of solutions, including RxTransparent, OneRecall, MedEx, MEDidentify Returns Management, Drug Diversion, and Consumer Drug Take-Back, providing healthcare organizations with robust tools to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and optimize patient safety. 

“As Inmar Intelligence continues to forge ahead in the healthcare industry, it reinforces its commitment to driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and fostering a safer healthcare ecosystem” said David Schweihs, SVP, Healthcare Solutions at Inmar Intelligence. “With a robust portfolio of solutions, strategic partnerships, and a forward-thinking approach, we're dedicated to delivering products and services that improve workflow and make our healthcare clients smarter.”

Today, 75 percent of people have unwanted drugs in their homes leading to abuse, accidental poisonings, and improper disposal resulting in environmental damage. Inmar Intelligence offers substantial benefits to retailers and manufacturers offering the most comprehensive drug take-back program in the industry improving patient outcomes and public health. With over 8,000 managed drug take-back locations nationwide, Inmar is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible disposal. Compliant in every state with mandated pharma-funded drug stewardship requirements, Inmar mitigates cost and liability for manufacturers sponsoring these programs. 

About Inmar Intelligence
Through curiosity and the intelligent use of data and technology, we make businesses smarter to improve consumers’ lives. As a partner to healthcare organizations for over 40 years, we design, build and operate reliable, dynamic solutions to create greater efficiencies and enable connections that unlock the potential of sophisticated marketplaces and ensure safety along the drug supply chain for healthcare employees and patients.

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