AllOne Health Unveils New Brand with Expanded Whole Health Solutions

Wilkes-Barre, PA, Aug. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AllOne Health, a premier provider of mental health and EAP benefits, unveils a refreshed brand and bold vision, as “your one solution for whole health.” Evolving beyond traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), AllOne Health offers expansive whole health solutions, with a new suite of services designed to strengthen mental health, transform physical health, build financial wellness, and help people and organizations unleash their full potential.

“Mental health is a top priority, and organizations are looking for faster and smarter solutions,” says Keith Wasley, President and CEO of AllOne Health. “We are ready to respond with whole health support, improved access to care, and solutions for what matters most right now.”

AllOne Health’s expanded whole health solutions include:

Mental Health

Counseling, Coaching, In-the-Moment Support, EAP

Physical Health

Wellness, Medical Advocacy, Well-Being Platform

Financial Wellness

Financial Consultation, Legal Consultation, Training & Online Tools

Family Care

Comprehensive Caregiving & Work-Life Referrals

Lifestyle Support

Personal Assistant Referrals, Concierge & Errand Running

Organizational Health

Organizational Development (OD), DEI Support, Crisis Management & Training

In addition to expanded solutions, AllOne Health is transforming the member experience by combining all the benefits of digital mental health and traditional counseling to bring fast, effective, high-quality care for all. AllOne Health’s support includes options for video, in-person and phone counseling, and access to request services by phone, live chat, or text. Across all solutions, AllOne Health also builds community and member engagement with creative promotional tools and resources.

Culminating 50 years of growth and innovation in the EAP industry, this expansion into whole health solutions also includes a renewed vision for the future: “We see whole health differently and drive positive change for organizations, powered by people who care.”

About AllOne Health

AllOne Health is a premier provider of whole health solutions for organizations worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, AllOne Health provides reimagined employee assistance programs (EAP), wellness, concierge, crisis management, and organizational development, covering 6M+ lives and growing. Known for global resources and local experience, AllOne Health offers expansive mental health, physical health, financial wellness, family care, lifestyle support, and organizational health services to help people and organizations unleash their full potential. AllOne Health drives positive change for organizations, powered by people who care. Learn more at



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