The Savings Banks Group will invest more than EUR 100 million in digitalisation over the next five years


This autumn, the Savings Banks Group will launch an extensive business development project that includes concrete steps towards the realisation of the Savings Banks Group’s digital vision. The project will enable the seamless integration of in-person and digital services, which will be reflected in an increasingly smooth and convenient service experience for both customers and employees. 

As customer behaviour and expectations change, the need for digital services increases. The Savings Banks Group is launching a development project to provide increasingly smooth, transparent and quick services in the future. Investing in digitalisation makes it possible for the Savings Banks Group to respond more quickly to the changing needs of customers and provides customers with even greater flexibility for choosing the most suitable ways to use services.

“We are launching the largest investment in our company’s over 200-year history to enable us to react more quickly to changes in customer needs. However, this is not merely an IT project, but rather a business renewal effort across all of the banks of the Savings Banks Group that will lead to smoother daily life for both customers and our employees. We will not forget about people and our customers. On the contrary, we will make even more effective use of our systems on the back end, which will provide more time for the most important thing, which is our encounters with our customers,” says Karri Alameri, CEO of the Savings Banks’ Union Coop.

 Together towards the Savings Bank of the future

This large-scale development project will be carried out in cooperation with a number of suppliers that will help the Savings Banks Group with the renewal of its lending system, build a new customer relationship management system and harmonise related processes, among other things. The Savings Banks Group has signed cooperation agreements with various partners, including Tietoevry, Microsoft, Samlink and twoday. The newly signed agreements mark the beginning of a renewal project that will take approximately five years.

Tietoevry will deliver and implement the lending system. The customer relationship management system will be based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology and implemented by twoday. Samlink will integrate the systems with the existing environment and take responsibility for the provision of continuous services in the Azure cloud environment in cooperation with Solita. The first-stage deployment of the systems will take place gradually by the end of 2026.

In addition to benefiting from the new expertise of the selected partners, the Savings Banks Group will recruit more talent to strengthen its competencies related to artificial intelligence, the utilisation of data, cloud services, customer relationship management and architecture, for example. This aspect of the project is welcomed by the CEO of the Savings Banks’ Union Coop:

“We are pleased that this project will bring more leading specialists in digitalisation to our team. This will further strengthen our expert organisation,” Karri Alameri says.

More information:

Karri Alameri,
CEO, Savings Bank Union Coop
+358 45 656 5250,

Tero Kangas,
Managing Director, Sp Mortgage Bank Plc  
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Sp Mortgage Bank Plc is part of the Savings Banks Group and the Savings Banks Amalgamation. The role of Sp Mortgage Bank is, together with Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland Plc, to  be responsible for obtaining funding for the Savings Banks Group from money and capital markets. Sp Mortgage Bank is responsible for the Savings Banks Group's mortgage-secured funding by issuing covered bonds.