Zenhub Brings AI to Project Management for Software Development Teams

Zenhub announces a new AI roadmap that will serve as a co-pilot to help software teams reduce manual updates and improve productivity

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenhub, the leading project management platform for software teams, today announced its product roadmap for incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its award-winning project management solution. Zenhub's approach to leveraging AI aims to simplify the day-to-day processes and operational overhead involved in software project management, which can often get in the way of shipping code faster. Zenhub AI focuses on the team rather than the individual, serving as a co-pilot to assist in all the ancillary activities to writing code, such as managing projects and tasks, categorizing and prioritizing work, and other productivity-related activities.

“Zenhub is currently leading the market in integrating AI to help developer teams become more productive,” said Tyler Gaffney, Zenhub’s CEO. “Our approach to building AI is different from most vendors today as we are building in ‘public’ with complete transparency. Our objective is to thoughtfully build AI for real-life use cases by actively collaborating with our end users and customers. Hence, we’ve also announced our early access group, where participants work with the product team directly in shaping how Zenhub AI works. This is just the beginning of the journey, but we’re excited about the potential to positively impact the day-to-day activities of software teams.”

Zenhub delivers a fully featured project management platform used to plan, track and report on the work of software development teams. Software teams embrace a diverse range of agile methodologies, from Scrum and Kanban to SAFe and beyond. However, the concept of agile often sparks spirited discussions, leading teams to mold their own unique interpretations of the framework. Rather than adhering rigidly to the prescribed doctrine, teams tailor agile principles to suit their specific needs and circumstances. Amidst these variations, certain core "events" remain universally acknowledged and indispensable. Stand-ups, work prioritization, reviews, and retrospectives stand as cornerstones, offering a structured rhythm that fuels collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Though these events might assume different monikers — such as backlog refinement or sprint reviews — their fundamental purpose remains unchanged. Zenhub AI helps all software teams, regardless of which framework they follow, by facilitating these must-do, non-controversial events that need to be done in planning and tracking work. With today’s news, Zenhub has detailed several new AI-enabled features, as well as provided insights into where the company is headed. Some examples include:

  • Planning
    • AI Labels - Available in public beta today, Zenhub Labels leverages AI to help teams sanitize and ensure the accuracy of their reporting. As soon as a team member begins entering data into Zenhub, the system suggests potential labels for the information. Since labels power reporting, analytics, and more across the entire development ecosystem, this innovative feature reduces cognitive load and saves developers time while ensuring accuracy across the team’s development process.
    • AI Estimations - This industry-first feature gives developer teams insight into how challenging a particular project may be. This helps the team agree on what’s easy and challenging, as well as what resources will be needed to complete the assignment. It has the ability to surface what work informed the "Zenhub estimate," which could also help humans better estimate what will be required to get the job done. How prior work is completed will influence future work estimations and ensure the team is on track.
    • AI Prioritization - Zenhub will leverage AI to speed up backlog refinement by leveraging past behavior as a guide for prioritizing unfinished tasks. Zenhub AI will then suggest optimal priorities for new tasks, efficiently categorizing them as high, medium, or low priority. This dynamic system ensures that high-priority work is prominently placed at the top of your backlog, streamlining issue prioritization and saving teams time during backlog refinement.
  • Stand-Ups
    • AI Daily Feed - This functionality will give individuals and teams insights into what they’ve accomplished, what they need to do today, and what priorities are required in the near term, giving the entire team a 360-degree view of what’s happening daily. Zenhub is exploring using sentiment analysis within issues, user stories, and comments to understand and surface where team members might be blocked or stuck.
  • Reviews
    • AI-Powered Sprint Demos - For reviewing work, Zenhub will employ AI to automatically generate a summary of all work done by the team during a Sprint (or that week). These summaries include integration with Loom to provide one-click demos of the work accomplished. This makes it easy for the team lead to give updates on progress.
  • Retrospectives
    • AI Retros - This feature is all about providing AI-powered suggestions on how teams can improve their processes by leveraging AI to determine what went well in recent sprints, what issues were faced, and, most importantly, what the team can do to improve.

AI Labels is available in public beta today, and the other AI-enabled platform features are coming soon. Interested parties can learn more and get early access when these new features are ready by joining the Zenhub AI early access group.

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