Fareportal and Aspiration Partner to Help Travelers Mitigate Their Carbon Footprint

Aspiration’s tracking technology and reforestation programs to enable Fareportal customers to help tackle travel emissions

New York, New York, Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aspiration, a leading climate finance company, has partnered with Fareportal, the global travel technology company that powers online travel agencies CheapOair and OneTravel, to help travelers mitigate their carbon footprint when they book flights, hotel stays, and car reservations through Fareportal brands.

Utilizing Aspiration’s APIs and proprietary greenhouse gas emissions methodologies to estimate the carbon emissions of each transaction, Fareportal customers will soon be able to calculate their estimated carbon footprint for reserved flights, hotels and rental cars. Fareportal customers will then be offered the opportunity to reduce these emissions through Aspiration’s third-party reforestation program.

"We’re thrilled to begin offering this tracking technology to our partners at Fareportal, which will help their customers better understand their carbon footprint from travel," said Olivia Albrecht, CEO of Aspiration. "Reducing travel isn’t always practical, so providing a seamless option in their booking platform to mitigate emissions provides an important tool in our shared goal to reduce climate impact."

Fareportal processes millions of flight bookings per year, making this partnership a significant opportunity to help customers make more environmentally-conscious travel choices. All tree planting programs offered on Fareportal’s platform will be backed by Aspiration’s rigorously reviewed, high-quality reforestation projects.

"Our customers are looking for more environmentally friendly choices when they travel," said Werner Georg Kunz-Cho, CEO of Fareportal. "Our partnership with Aspiration will allow them to both make informed choices about their travel options, as well as take action to address the potential emissions from each leg of their journey.”

In addition to providing customers an in-platform option to mitigate their own emissions, Aspiration will provide regular reporting to Fareportal as part of their partnership, allowing them to track the total impact. Based on Fareportal’s historical booking data, initial estimates propose that trees planted by Aspiration will effectively sequester 80,000 - 320,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent for transactions captured through the end of 2023 as this initial offering becomes available.

As a purpose-driven climate action company, Aspiration partners with organizations from all sectors to help assess and mitigate their carbon footprint by providing high-quality, verifiable nature-based carbon solutions. This partnership between Aspiration and Fareportal signals an important next step in their sustainability journeys, expanding access to premium reforestation projects in a tangible way for consumers.

About Aspiration
Aspiration is a high-impact climate finance company working at scale to help enterprises, consumers, and investors achieve their climate goals. Founded in 2013, the company sources, monitors and invests in carbon removal projects across the globe to generate high-quality nature-based solutions. Every project in Aspiration’s portfolio is held to the most rigorous standards, ensuring each drives tangible, positive impacts for people and the planet. Aspiration is a Certified B Corp, a member of Project Drawdown, 1t.org, Climate Pledge, and many other critical industry groups dedicated to accelerating climate action. For more information, visit Aspiration.com or Aspiration.com/business.

About Fareportal
Fareportal is a travel technology company powering a next generation travel concierge service. Utilizing its innovative technology and company-owned and operated global contact centers, Fareportal has built strong industry partnerships providing customers access to over 500 airlines, a million lodgings, and hundreds of car rental companies around the globe. With a portfolio of consumer travel brands including CheapOair and One Travel, Fareportal enables consumers to book online, on mobile apps for iOS and Android, by phone, or live chat. Fareportal provides its airline partners with access to a broad customer base that books high-yielding international and domestic flight, hotel, and other travel and add-on ancillaries. 


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