InvestmentPitch Media Video Discusses SPARC AI, Newly Listed on the CSE and Addressing Opportunities in the Multi-Billion Dollar Geospatial Intellectual Property Space

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SPARC AI Inc. (CSE:SPAI) (OTCPink:EGTTF) (FSE:5OV0) is the latest new listing on the CSE, having previously traded as EYEFI Group. Following a major restructuring, and with only 9,091,000 shares issued, the company is moving towards commercializing its geospatial intellectual property, including a portfolio of 7 patents, which allows anyone to determine the location of any object without the need for satellite, GPS or an internet connection.

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SPARC AI calculates the location or position of anything you can see or point at over any distance, height and terrain and is only limited by the resolution of the underlying model and the initial pointing data.

The company is working to embed SPARC AI algorithms modules into a microchip, which can be installed in drones and UAV’s, fixed camera devices, motor vehicles, sensors and wearables. SPARC AI’s patented algorithms embedded in a chip will deliver unprecedented geospatial capability that is scalable, fast and accurate. It is also 100% covert which is ideal for military, surveillance, target acquisition, asset protection, and situational awareness.

With the capability of capturing the location of any distant object, drones can survey points of interest well beyond their range limits. The technology can embed a proprietary patented algorithm into the image for location reverse lookup, allowing a user to click on an individual pixel within the image, instantly providing the geolocation of the pixel in the image thereby enabling a drone to be sent automatically to its destination. This powerful feature provides the ability to build proprietary maps of objects for surveillance, and situational awareness that benefits commercial, military and insurance use cases.

By utilizing a drone or a series of fixed cameras, a user can create a geofenced area of reference for situational awareness, surveillance, asset protection and tracking targets of interest and apply AI and machine learning to capture data over time and integrate 3rd party data for intelligence data analysis.

Collect large datasets of information from drone or fixed camera locations and use ChatGPT and natural language protocols to query proprietary location data for instant analysis or pull data from third party sources to build highly sophisticated and intelligent geolocation solutions.

According to a number of top management consulting and research organizations, the company has a multi-billion dollar addressable market.

SPARC AI is currently reviewing several chip vendors including Google’s Coral platform and other partnership opportunities to get to market quickly and cost effectively.

The shares are trading at $0.25. For more information about SPARC AI, please visit the company’s website, contact Anoosh Manzoori, CEO, at +61.409 252 088 or by email at

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