QAIS-air- Product From Sunstar Wins 2023 Pet Innovation Award

Annual Awards Program Recognizes Top Companies, Services and Products Within the Global Pet Industry

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Pet Innovation Awards, an independent recognition platform highlighting the most innovative companies, services, and products in the highly competitive Pet Care industry, today announced that SUNSTAR is the recipient of the “Cleaners & Deodorizers Product of the Year” award in the 2023 awards program for their QAIS-air- 04 air purifier.

QAIS-air- 04 is a filterless PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) air purifier specifically designed for pets and pet owners. The product can be easily wall-mounted just above a litter box or pee pad to deodorize odors before they rise and spread through the room. The QAIS-air- 04 is an odor control solution that acts before, not after, the odor has already spread.

QAIS-air- products are powered by SUNSTAR’s PCO, a technology which oxidizes and decomposes odor-causing compounds, reducing odors without any chemicals, such as ozone or chlorine, and operates completely filterless. The solution works 24/7 to disinfect odor substances and decompose harmful organic compounds that float in the air.

The purifier has also been carefully developed to ensure pets’ safety and comfort. It is low-voltage and comes with cord covers to prevent chewing accidents as well as rigorous noise control. The product also offers a MAX MODE which delivers powerful deodorization at the touch of a button when guests are expected.

“What an honor it is for our QAIS-air- 04 to win the ‘Cleaners & Deodorizers Product of the Year’ award. We designed the product after studying ammonia and found a proactive approach: wall mounting the air purifier to stop pet odors at the source,” said Takuya Watanabe, International Marketing team of Sunstar Group. “Pet parents have tried countless existing odor countermeasures but have not been entirely happy with the results. Our product matches QAIS-air-’s expertise in air purification with a design that provides a more pleasant life for furry families with the simple touch of a button.”

The mission of the annual Pet Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize excellence, hard work and success in a range of Pet Care industry categories, including Apparel, Grooming & Cleaning, Food & Treats, Health, Housing, Toys, Training, Retailers & Services and more. The 2023 Pet Innovation Awards attracted more than 2,000 nominations from around the world.

“The QAIS-air- 04 is filterless, promotes a simple and more sustainable approach to odor control, keeps pets safe and is stylishly designed. With QAIS-air, any owners and house guests will be able to enjoy a ‘set it and forget it’ mode to air purification and convenience,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “With more households living with pets, challenges such as odor control are on the rise becoming a family issue. Ammonia is the main component of pet toilet odors. It is lighter than air and diffuses as it floats up. The QAIS-air- 04, by not just covering up odors like traditional, passive room deodorizing solutions, is truly disinfecting the air and keeping pets and their families safe.”

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SUNSTAR is a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, marking its 90th anniversary this year after being founded in 1932 in Osaka, Japan. Today, SUNSTAR is a leading global company in the Mouth & Body Care field, a major presence in the Health & Beauty Care and the Environment & Amenity business fields, and a world leader in the Safety Support & High Technology fields. In fiscal year 2021, consolidated net sales of the SUNSTAR Group totaled 1,159 million Swiss Francs. The products and services of SUNSTAR are distributed in more than 100 countries, and the company has 4000+ employees worldwide. Under the motto "Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality of life", SUNSTAR continuously provides high-value-added products and services all over the world. It is also now prioritizing a wide range of sustainability targets including reducing CO² emissions by 85% by 2030, 20% less water consumption, 100% renewable electricity in all its facilities and 100% sustainable or RSPO-certified palm oil.

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