Punchcut Labs Announces Research Initiatives in Generative AI, Spatial Computing, Web3, and Ethical Design 

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Punchcut, a leader in digital product design and innovation, today announced four expanded research initiatives to explore and harness the full potential of burgeoning technologies and design practices, including generative AI, spatial computing, Web3, and ethical design. The initiatives are part of the firm’s internal R&D program, Punchcut Labs, a dynamic, human-centered design and innovation hub that utilizes research and testing for rapid exploration, ideation, and mastery of emerging technologies.  

“We established Punchcut Labs with the goal of cultivating a dynamic environment for generating innovative ideas and design approaches,” said Ken Olewiler, Punchcut's CEO. “Our aim is to inspire creativity and enhance favorable human interactions using emerging technologies that impact our clients' businesses and product strategies.”

 Punchcut Labs Programs In 2023

Generative AI: Since its introduction earlier this year, companies are increasingly adopting generative AI to improve products and business results. An April 2023 global survey of 1,600 companies found that 30% were looking to generative AI to increase the value of current offerings, 27% were exploring ways that it can increase revenue from their core business, and 23% were looking to create new sources of revenue.  This trend underscores the critical need for initiatives like the Labs’ Generative AI initiative to explore generative AI's vast potential and practical application.

Punchcut's recent exploration into generative AI resulted in Tomo, a learning digital assistant with a flexible user interface supporting a variety of everyday tasks in proactive, creative, and hyper-personalized ways. While not commercially available, Tomo provides a baseline of design practices and methodologies that can be applied across various environments and modalities. Other examples include the practical exploration of spatial computing, digital trust, and the metaverse.

Spatial Computing: Rapid advancements in spatial computing are quickly removing barriers and converging digital and physical spaces. Spatial computing platforms present significant opportunities to deliver new value for mobility, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, education, manufacturing and more.  More natural interfaces enhance productivity and improve experiences, opening up endless possibilities for a wide range of industries. Punchcut Labs’ efforts in Spatial Computing span research into user behavior in multi-sensory, multi-modal environments, Unity development of future-forward 3D environments and the development of Spatial Computing training materials for businesses.

Web3: Even with the cloud of mistrust surrounding Web3 technologies, we recognize the value of decentralized systems as digital spaces and services become seamless.  As Web3 fortifies its infrastructure and rebuilds trust among users, companies are looking to distributed applications to improve digital journeys and enable important digital transactions. Punchcut Labs’ research in Web3 strives to uncover opportunities for businesses to consciously calibrate efforts to focus on the long-term value promised by decentralized systems.  

Ethical Design: Punchcut advocates for human-centered experiences that put people first and enhance humanity as a whole. Ken Olewiler continues: “We have a responsibility to society to apply design thinking to bring about positive change. Understanding changing human behaviors and values helps us consciously guide companies to create more ethical product experiences that improve our world.” Punchcut is developing an Ethical Design Framework Toolkit and conducting research into human expectations for autonomy and automation. 

A Culture of Exploration and Leadership
Punchcut Labs represents an ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, providing opportunities for designers to get hands-on experience with new technologies and tools. Punchcut focuses on conscious innovation across intelligent, immersive, systemic technologies, products and human experiences, while ensuring ethical design practices.

“With Punchcut Labs, we aim to not only stay ahead of the digital design curve, but also to shape its trajectory with innovative applications of technology that serves the goals and needs of people. Punchcut Labs initiatives are an essential part of our commitment to delivering truly transformative, human-centered, digital experiences,” concludes Olewiler.

About Punchcut
Punchcut is a digital product design and innovation company specializing in design for a more conscious future.  We consult with the world’s leading global brands to envision, design, and realize next-generation digital products and services that engage customers and transform businesses. We provide design acceleration services that spark future vision, energize product design, and fuel team growth and scale strategic impact. Learn more at www.punchcut.com and LinkedIn.

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