Everest Business Funding Funds Small Businesses in Need: Learn Vasyl's Customer Story

Vasyl Boichook, owner of European Woodart Corporation, shares his story about how Everest Business Funding aided in his business's survival after running into identity theft

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The journey of a small business owner comes with many bumps along the road, some anticipated and others unexpected. During those times when a small business needs funding for survival or growth, Everest Business Funding provides working capital and alternative financing options. The organization pledges to give high-quality guidance and service to all clients while delivering the utmost respect, making Everest Business Funding a small business owner’s trusted partner. 

Small business owner, Vasyl Boichook of European Woodart Corporation, said Everest Business Funding was his trusted partner in a time when he had funding needs during unanticipated times.

European Woodart Corporation is a company that does high-end custom woodworking. Boichook was able to start his small business thanks to his educational foundation for his craft.

“I went to a special school in the Ukraine. Here in the States, we have either a designer or a carpenter. In that school, we were taught both together, and so I started using it here, doing cabinets more like an artwork, not like just boxes with doors on them,” said Boichook.

With his business in the United States, Boichook was finding a lot of success with his double-edge approach to his market. However, Boichook came across an unforeseen instance of identity theft, which led him to tough times as a business owner. 

“I was quite successful,” said Boichook, “but then there was a point where some people stole my identity and did a lot of damage to my credit.” 

Boichook explained that after his identity was stolen, he had a big dip in his business because he lost his credit accounts with his banks. He could no longer borrow money for his business the traditional way because he no longer had good enough credit for banks to accept. He needed to find another way to fund his businesses after his blindsiding experience. 

“We needed to give a boost to the business to get restarted again. That’s when I found help from Everest Business Funding,” said Boichook.

Everest Business Funding helped Boichook get European Woodart Corporation’s funds quickly when he could not get funding from anyone else due to his credit fall. Everest Business Funding is a great small business partner because of its fast funding, 24-hour application and funding turnaround, and no hard credit checks. 

Since receiving his business’ funding from Everest Business Funding, Boichook says that the funds have been very helpful in building his business back up to speed. In regards to his direct interaction with Everest Business Funding, Boichook recalled Everest Business Funding’s customer service as outstanding, personable, and an overall pleasant experience.

“It is important to have an option for people that have bad credit or don’t have credit for one reason or another; I didn’t do anything wrong, and my credit was messed up, and I still had this option where I could go to Everest Business Funding and get funds quickly and keep going with my business and keep building it up,” said Boichook.

For more information about how Everest Business Funding can help with small business funding, visit https://www.everestbusinessfunding.com/.

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