ScyllaDB Announces NoSQL Release With Raft for Strong Consistency

A milestone on ScyllaDB’s path to strong consistency – plus capabilities that cut complex query execution time up to 20X and accelerate real-time streaming with Rust-based Change Data Capture

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScyllaDB, the database for data-intensive applications that require high throughput and predictable low latency, today announced the general availability of ScyllaDB 2023.1. This new enterprise release introduces Raft-based strongly consistent schema management, distributed aggregates that reduce query execution time up to 20X, and numerous other features that further enhance ScyllaDB’s performance at scale. A new Change Data Capture library for Rust was also released, speeding up ScyllaDB’s real-time streaming while requiring less infrastructure.

With Raft-based schema management, it becomes safe to perform concurrent schema change statements. Furthermore, schema propagation happens much faster since the leader of the cluster is actively pushing it to the nodes: nodes learn about a new schema in under a few milliseconds (vs. a second or two). Consistent schema management is the first Raft-based feature in ScyllaDB. Consistent and centralized topology management using Raft will be next.

“With the new Raft-based schema management, it’s now possible to quickly assemble a fresh cluster and perform concurrent schema changes,” explained ScyllaDB CEO and Co-Founder Dor Laor. “These are just the beginning of visible user changes for Raft-enabled clusters; next on the list are safe topology changes and automatically changing data placement to adjust to the load and distribution of data.”

Additional new capabilities enable considerably faster query processing times (by distributing aggregate processing across multiple nodes) and speed up streaming data pipelines for real-time data processing and analysis (with a new Change Data Capture library for Rust).

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