Nokia on track to be first technology Buy America compliant vendor

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Nokia on track to be first technology Buy America compliant vendor

  • Manufacturing of Nokia fiber-optic broadband network electronics and optical modules will meet the proposed Buy America guidelines issued today by the Department of Commerce for BEAD participants.
  • Nokia will take action to be added to the National Telecommunications Information and Administration (NTIA) Agency official list of certified “Buy America” compliant vendors.
  • Nokia will manufacture its Buy America compliant OLT line card, remote OLT, OLT optical module and ONT in the US starting in 2024.

22 August 2023

Orlando, Florida – Nokia today announced that its fiber-optic broadband network electronics and optical modules manufactured in the U.S. will meet the current Buy America guidelines announced today by the Department of Commerce. Based on the latest requirements proposed, Nokia is on track to become the first Buy America compliant technology vendor eligible for use in the Department of Commerce Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program. By becoming Buy America compliant, Nokia will be eligible to supply its products and services to these critical projects focused on closing the digital divide.

Sandy Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia, said: “We fully support the guidelines issued by the NTIA and Department of Commerce which provide a realistic and reasonable approach to manufacturing broadband technology in compliance with the Build America, Buy America (BABA) mandates. Working alongside the Department of Commerce, we will continue to take the necessary steps required and plan to become the first broadband technology vendor to be listed as Buy America compliant – eliminating the guess work for any states or infrastructure builders participating in the BEAD program.”

Claude Aiken, Chief Strategy Officer at Nextlink Internet, said: “As a premier regional service provider that is looking to participate in the BEAD program, having access to high quality, innovative technology solutions that are buy America compliant is critical for us to successfully deploy and extend fiber broadband to more rural communities across the mid-west. It’s great to see Nokia investing in the U.S. and taking the necessary steps to meet the Buy America guidelines required for BEAD funding.”   

Scott Woods, President, Public Private Partnerships at Inc, said:  “Bridging the Digital Divide is a top priority for the United States. Too many families currently are classified as being unserved or underserved, and the BEAD program will play a critical role in addressing this. Our data-driven geo- spatial platform helps applicants efficiently navigate through the application process. Now, applicants can be assured they have access to leading technology and solutions from global suppliers, manufactured in the U.S.A.”

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