Kavee Wins Twice In 2023 Pet Innovation Awards Program

Annual Awards Program Recognizes Top Companies, Services and Products Within the Global Pet Industry

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Pet Innovation Awards, an independent recognition platform highlighting the most innovative companies, services, and products in the highly competitive Pet Care industry, today announced that Kavee, the leading specialist brand for small pets, has been selected as “DTC Company Of The Year” and the winner of the “Fencing Product of the Year” award in the 2023 awards program.

Kavee’s Bold Binky Barrier provides a safe, secure way to restrict access to areas in a home that may pose potential dangers for free-roaming rabbits. The solution allows pet owners to create a designated safe space that to reduce the eventuality of bunnies nibbling on electricals or other unsafe objects. Rabbits are then allowed to roam safely within a chosen space, and deterred from escaping due to the height of the barriers. The wood material is also coated in water-based paint to ensure that even if chewed on, animals would have no adverse reaction.

The product comes as a flexible and customizable 3-piece indoor fence that can be set up with no tools required. This makes it easy to adapt to various rooms and spaces, ensuring indoor rabbits receive plenty of opportunities to safely explore.

Kavee utilizes only the best materials, and each product goes through several rounds of testing to ensure quality. From cleaning formulas to treat trays packed with nutritional ingredients, everything is designed to meet a specific need and simplify the lives of small pet owners and their pets.

The company has also recently established The Kavee Rescue, a shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for guinea pigs. The program provides a safe and nurturing environment, ensuring the animals receive care and attention while they await their forever homes. Kavee also strives to educate and empower small pet owners, offering guidance and resources to help them provide the best possible care. Through their strong connection with the #KaveeKommunity, Kavee continually gathers and incorporates customer feedback.

“We firmly believe that pet care should be as effortless as it is effective. Our team of small animal experts focuses on bringing real solutions to small pet owners everywhere, creating products that enrich the lives of guinea pigs and rabbits, ensuring that they can thrive in life and have their every need met,” said co-founder and CEO, Clementine Schouteden of Kavee. “Thank you to Pet Innovation for understanding the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of our furry companions and supporting our unwavering dedication to the welfare of guinea pigs and rabbits with these incredible awards.”

The mission of the annual Pet Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize excellence, hard work and success in a range of Pet Care industry categories, including Apparel, Grooming & Cleaning, Food & Treats, Health, Housing, Toys, Training, Retailers & Services and more. The 2023 Pet Innovation Awards attracted more than 2,000 nominations from around the world.

“Kavee's dedication to pioneering the highest standards of guinea pig and rabbit care, their innovative products tailored to these beloved animals and their Rescue Program which highlights their commitment to supporting the welfare of small animals, has garnered them two awards in this years' program,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “We’re thrilled to single them out with both the award for ‘Fencing Product of the Year’ and recognize them as ‘Pet DTC Company of the Year.’ Kavee understands the profound bond between pets and their owners, and their products and programs promote health, happiness, and overall well-being.”

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About Kavee
Kavee's mission is to create great products for guinea pigs and pet rabbits. We use high quality materials, such as carefully selected modular grids & pre-cut coroplast sheets, to provide the best cages and accessories for your pets.

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