Global Aerogel Market Poised for Robust Growth Driven by Diverse Applications and Emerging EV Battery Market

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The aerogel market is taking flight with remarkable growth projected due to the exceptional attributes of aerogels. These nanostructured porous materials, derived from gels, exhibit properties like low thermal conductivity, low density, high surface area (>150 m2/g), and open porosity (typically 95-99.99%).

Renowned for their ability to insulate heat, sound, and electricity with their low densities, aerogels are also adept at absorbing active materials for controlled release and pollutants. Key markets benefiting from aerogel technology span construction, oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and coatings.

While construction leads the pack, the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) battery pack market for thermal insulation and fire protection is an emerging driver.

Among the different types of aerogels, silica aerogels dominate the market, offering a blend of high insulation performance and cost-effectiveness.

Polymer and carbon aerogels are also gaining momentum. Industry leaders such as Aspen Aerogels, Cabot Corporation, BASF, Armacell, JIOS Aerogel Corporation, and Enersens are driving innovation and growth.

The market's expansion is fueled by the surging demand from the EV battery market, construction insulation needs, and the pursuit of lightweight materials that meet stringent environmental standards.

Report Highlights:

The comprehensive report encompasses various facets of the aerogel industry:

  • Production Methods: The methods employed for aerogel production are explored in detail.
  • Markets and Applications: A broad spectrum of applications is covered, from oil and gas to aerospace, cosmetics, and beyond.
  • Market Analysis: A thorough analysis delves into the market's current state and future projections.
  • Competitive Landscape: Key players and their contributions to the market are assessed.
  • Manufacturer Capacities: Insight into the production capacities of leading aerogel manufacturers is provided.
  • Manufacturing in China: China's role in aerogel manufacturing is evaluated.
  • Market Developments 2020-2023: A snapshot of market developments during this period is presented.

Market Analysis - Diverse Applications:

The versatility of aerogels finds applications across a multitude of sectors:

  • Energy Storage: From silicon anodes to Li-S batteries and supercapacitors, aerogels play a pivotal role in enhancing energy storage solutions.
  • Automotive: EV battery pack insulation, sound dampening coatings, and thermal management components are key drivers in the automotive sector.
  • Construction: Utilized in building panels, blankets, coatings, and more, aerogels are indispensable for energy-efficient construction.
  • Electronics: Aerogels find their place in EMI shielding, thermal insulation, and low-loss materials for 5G technology.
  • Biomedical: Applications range from drug delivery to tissue engineering, making aerogels indispensable in the medical field.
  • Aerospace: Aerospace applications include thermoelectric generators, lightweight components, and innovative aerospace solutions.
  • Oil and Gas: Aerogels contribute to insulation needs in refineries, pipelines, and various other segments.
  • Apparel and Footwear: From thermal insulation to waterproofing and flame resistance, aerogels enhance the functionality of clothing and footwear.
  • Filtration and Separation: Aerogels are instrumental in air and water filtration, as well as oil-spill remediation.

Market Projections - A Dynamic Industry:

The aerogel market is poised for exponential growth, with global revenues projected to rise significantly from 2018 to 2034. These projections take into account market segments, forms, aerogel types, and regions.

Key Company Profiles:

The report provides detailed profiles of 49 companies, shedding light on their products, aerogel types, production capacities, and target end-use markets. Leading players such as Aerogel Core Ltd., Aeroshield, Armacell, Aspen Aerogels, Cabot Corporation, JIOS Aerogel, Krosslinker, Liatris, and SUMTEQ are shaping the aerogel landscape through innovation and strategic advancements.

In conclusion, the global aerogel market's rapid growth is driven by its unique properties that enable lightweight insulation, high performance, and environmental benefits. As sectors ranging from construction to automotive and beyond embrace aerogel technology, its demand is on an upward trajectory.

Companies Mentioned

  • Active Aerogels
  • Aerogel Inside
  • Aerogel Core Ltd
  • Aerogel Technologies LLC
  • Aerogelex UG
  • AeroShield Materials
  • Armacell International S.A.
  • Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
  • Blueshift Materials, Inc.
  • Cabot Corporation
  • Cellutech AB (Stora Enso)
  • Dongjin Semichem
  • Ecoworth Tech Pte. Ltd.
  • Elisto GmbH
  • Enersens SAS
  • Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd.
  • Gelanggang Kencana Sdn. Bhd.
  • Graphene Composites Ltd
  • Green Earth Aerogel Technologies
  • Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Hebei Jinna Technology Co., Ltd.
  • InnoSense LLC
  • Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.
  • IBIH Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
  • JIOS Aerogel
  • Joda Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Krosslinker Pte. Ltd.
  • Kurosaki Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • LG Hausys
  • Liatris, Inc.
  • Melodea
  • NanoPlexus Ltd
  • Nanoquimia S.L.
  • Nano Tech Co., Ltd
  • LLC Niagara
  • Okalux Glastechnik GmbH
  • Okitsumo
  • Ocellus, Inc.
  • OROS Labs
  • REM Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Sumteq GmbH
  • Sunthru LLC
  • Surnano Aerogel Co., Ltd
  • Svenska Aerogel Holding AB
  • Thermulon Ltd.
  • Tiem Factory, Inc.
  • Universal Matter
  • ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd.

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