Friends of Humane Services Tijuana (FHSTJ) Triumphs Over Adversity and Seeks Continued Support for Vital Animal Rescue Efforts

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Friends of Humane Services Tijuana (FHSTJ), a dedicated non-profit organization in San Diego committed to animal rescue and welfare, announces its remarkable journey of overcoming challenges and appeals for ongoing support to sustain its vital operations. With a rich history of resilience and compassion since 2008, FHSTJ remains steadfast in its mission to support animal rescues, offer free spay/ neuter, and street clinics for animals located mainly in the poorest locations of the greater Tijuana metropolitan area.

In a recent blog post dated August 2, 2023, FHSTJ highlighted its extraordinary journey of perseverance and determination. Over the years, the organization has encountered numerous obstacles that threatened to impede its critical animal rescue work. From health & economic challenges to funding shortages, FHSTJ has faced it all, yet each setback has only strengthened their resolve to make a positive impact on the lives of countless animals in need.

As FHSTJ finds itself on the cusp of returning to normalcy, the organization acknowledges the indispensable role that supporters, volunteers, and donors have played in its journey. The collective effort to rise above challenges has brought FHSTJ to a point where they can almost resume their operations at full capacity. However, the road to complete recovery is not without its remaining hurdles, and need for continuing support.

FHSTJ is now reaching out to the community, animal lovers, and philanthropists to continue their remarkable journey of animal rescue and welfare. The organization's co-founder & volunteer President, Richard Massa, emphasizes the importance of sustained support to ensure FHSTJ can maintain its vital role in providing shelter, medical care, and rehabilitation to animals in distress.

"Our journey has been one of resilience and hope, and we are incredibly proud of the progress we've made in the face of adversity," Richard Massa stated. "But we recognize that the road ahead requires ongoing support from individuals who share our passion for animal welfare. Donations, no matter the size, will help us bridge the remaining gaps and continue our mission to create a better world for animals in need."

FHSTJ's plea for support resonates with its legacy of unwavering dedication. By contributing to FHSTJ's cause, donors become integral partners in enabling the organization to provide a lifeline for animals in need. The impact of each donation reverberates through the stories of countless animals given a second chance at life, love, happiness, and the pursuit of a forever home. Their YouTube channel highlights great examples of the type of compassionate care they provide.

Supporters can make a difference by visiting FHSTJ’s website at and exploring ways to donate, volunteer, or spread awareness. FHSTJ's journey of resilience serves as an inspiring testament to the power of collective compassion, and together, the communities can help ensure that FHSTJ continues its vital animal rescue work for years to come.

About Friends of Humane Services Tijuana (FHSTJ)
Friends of Humane Services Tijuana (FHSTJ) is a volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission to rescue, spay/neuter, provide veterinary care and rehabilitate animals in need across the greater San Diego/Tijuana area and primarily in the poorest areas of Tijuana. FHSTJ has faced and overcome numerous challenges over the years, exemplifying resilience and dedication to the animals. The organization seeks ongoing support to continue its vital work and create a brighter future for animals in distress. To learn more or offer support, please visit

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