New to The Street Leadership 101 Announces Interviews of Two Business Leaders, Airing on Bloomberg TV as Sponsored Programming on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media Works' leadership show, "New to The Street Leadership 101," powered by Sector SPDR ETFs, airs on Bloomberg TV as sponsored programming on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET.

Executive Coach, Media Personality, and Author Matt Doherty and TV Business Host Jane King, who co-host the show, welcome two (2) business guests who share their extraordinary leadership experiences:

1). David Novak, CEO, David Novak Leadership, Inc.
2). Jason Greer, CEO, Greer Consulting, Inc.

Matt Doherty and Jane King welcome David Novak, CEO of David Novak Leadership, Inc., to the New to The Street Leadership show. David Novak is known for his successful career with Yum! Brands, for his philanthropic causes, and for being a published author. As co-founder and CEO of Yum! Brands, David has had successful accomplishments written about in numerous business magazines, including CEO Magazine, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review. Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut are all part of the Yum! Brands. With over 1.5 million employees and 45,000 restaurants, Yum! Brands' successful accomplishments are part of David's leadership abilities. Taking all his business experiences and successes, David started David Novak Leadership, Inc., a non-profit digital platform promoting ideas, methods, and courses to help clients become better leaders within their organizations and companies. People skills and effective communication became important to David during his youth. His father's career in map-making had him moving over every three months, and before he was in seventh grade, he lived in 23 states. Moving from place to place frequently was a priceless experience that made him who he is today. He graduated from the University of Missouri and pursued careers in journalism and marketing. David believes his leadership skills became more apparent because he worked for and with great people who became leaders within their organizations. These people saw a talent in David, took a vested interest in him, and helped develop his leadership skill sets. David teaches that acknowledging others with praise and endorsements encourages employees and co-workers to perform further within their companies. David's non-profit, David Novak Leadership, Inc., and his "How Leaders Lead" leadership podcast focus on making great leaders; nothing can happen successfully without solid leadership. Joy in what one does is the foundation for a great leader; start with putting down all the joyless and joyful thoughts and practices. A successful leader will discard the joyless actions and concentrate on joyful activities. Joy and passion are necessary for a successful leader who is creative and quest to help others. Simply recognizing others and their contributions can create a positively charged work environment. Recognized internationally as a successful leader, many seek David's professionalism in developing comprehensive leadership skills.

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Jason Greer, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Greer Consulting, Inc. ("GCI"), talks with New to The Street Leadership co-hosts Matt Doherty and Jane King. Jason took his experience as a former board agent with the National Labor Relations Board and decided to go into business independently. Even though he had extensive experience with labor relations negotiation skills and completed knowledge of federal/state employer/employee regulations, he was not fully prepared to become a businessman. Jason realized that leadership is the essential component of being a great boss. His clients and employees call him the "Employee Whisperer" because he can fully understand clients' employee positions when management cannot see or fully understand the problem(s). Jason has attended many of his clients' employee meetings where a key management representative discusses operational ongoings. Often, management leaves these meetings thinking it was an excellent success for all those attending. Still, more likely, it was a complete failure, leaving many employees more frustrated than encouraged. Jason teaches "C-suite" executives how to talk to employees, learn, listen, and get involved in daily operations. Working and assisting employees can significantly build upon a client's employee relationship. Universities don't teach social skills to up-and-coming corporate executives; Jason will teach these skills to his clients, which are necessary for proactive corporate cultural change. Jason says that COVID changed the whole employee-employer business relationship, and many organizations need to understand how COVID created a current working environment where many feel unappreciated and overworked. Race-based bias is another issue where some employers ignore the issues. Embracing diversity can lead to productive outcomes in a work culture. Employer-employee relations strive to serve everyone involved at a company through effective communication and straightforward actions with honest and thoughtful positive intentions. Jason Greer's and his Company, Greer Consulting, Inc.'s leadership skills can help any corporation and organization create a positive and productive work environment -

About David Novak Leadership, Inc.:

David Novak Leadership, Inc. believes that everyone has the potential to be a great leader, no matter what age, background, career or ambition. Every dollar made goes back to serve the broader community of developing leaders. The Company provides free or discounted leadership training to students and managers of other non-profit organizations. It supports leadership development initiatives that David Novak and his family founded or sponsored, including Lead4Change, the Novak Leadership Institute at the University of Missouri and Global Game Changers -

About Greer Consulting, Inc. ("GCI"):

Greer Consulting, Inc. ("GCI") is a labor relations and diversity management consulting firm that works with client organizations and leaders to address challenges and solve problems caused by the complexities in the workforce. GCI has over 30 years of business leadership experience that is leveraged through collaborations with its client partners to develop solutions to the dilemmas that organizations face in today's marketplace. While leaning on both GCI's experiences with past clients and the unique needs of the client at hand, each receives the full benefit of GCI's brand, whose authenticity is born out of our emphasis on creating, restoring, and maintaining harmony in the workplace. GCI created a successful approach to labor relations and workforce diversity management. The GCI team-building approach advocates addressing problems that typically lead to dissatisfaction by strengthening the bond between employers and their employees to maximize a culture of management excellence -

About Coach Matt Doherty and Doherty Coaching:

Matt Doherty is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, best-selling author, media personality, and executive coach. In 2022 he was named the Vistage Rookie of the Year and won the Chair Excellence Award. He guides corporations, C-suite managers, sales executives, and business and sports coaches to develop leadership skills and team dynamics. Since starting on the 1982 National Championship team with Michael Jordan at UNC, his journey has included being the Head Coach at Notre Dame and UNC. He was named the 2001 AP National Coach of the Year after leading the Tar Heels to the ACC Regular Season Championship and a #1 ranking. Matt was also the head coach at FAU and SMU and worked for ESPN, the Indiana Pacers, and the Atlantic 10 Conference. In 2003, he embarked on a mission to "Learn & Grow" by beginning a leadership journey at the UVA Darden School of Business and The Wharton School. Coach Doherty is committed to sharing universal teachings and actionable ideas that will work for anyone -

About Sector SPDR ETFs:

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About "New to The Street Leadership 101 with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR ETFs:"

New to The Street Leadership 101 with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR ETFs is a monthly television show featuring individuals who lead their organization to successful outcomes and future endeavors. Guests will share their success stories and motivations, allowing viewers to understand and learn leadership skills. The show is co-hosted with Famous Coach Matt Doherty and recognized Business TV host Jane King. The show airs monthly, last Saturday of each month, on Bloomberg TV as a sponsored program.

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