Adore Me Partners with Ever Dye to Detoxify the Dyeing Process For Lingerie

This partnership allows Adore Me to dye garments 4x faster with 10x less energy

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adore Me, known for being the first lingerie brand to bring extended sizing across all its categories, as well as the only Certified B Corporation™ lingerie brand in the U.S., today announced its partnership with Ever Dye, a French startup that developed a low heat, low-energy, biobased pigment dyeing process. This partnership follows Adore Me’s recent partnership announcements with fashion sustainability startups Carbonfact and Commonshare, and furthers the brand’s mission to make low-impact lingerie more accessible and affordable to customers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ever Dye because of the team’s ability to maintain quality products and colors without sacrificing the environment,” said Romain Liot, Chief Operating Officer at Adore Me. “We’re excited to see another major innovation come out of Paris and hope to see this process become the industry standard.

Every year, the textile industry uses 1.3 trillion gallons of water to dye garments, enough to fill two million Olympic-sized swimming pools, according to the World Resources Institute. Further, textile dyeing is responsible for 20% of all ocean pollution and 52% of the fashion industry’s overall carbon impact, according to the European Parliament. (Source). Since the creation of garment dyeing, little innovation has occurred in the industry, making the partnership with Ever Dye a notable advancement that marks a major milestone in the advancement of garment dyeing.

Ever Dye’s science-based process, based on five years of academic research, solves both the synthesis and the attachment of dyes. Traditionally, dye baths at temperatures of 60 - 130 degrees celsius for up to 10 hours are required to dye a garment. Now, by combining pigment with a biosourced organic polymer binding agent, Ever Dye’s process offers perfect attachment without using any heat and in a short amount of time. The technology also simplifies the process of cleaning water following the dyeing process— because Ever Dye’s dyes are made of organic and inorganic natural elements rather than petroleum-based dyes, they are non-toxic, allowing the water to remain fresh and be released back into the environment.

“Companies like Adore Me are who we want to partner with—ones that have consistently and publicly followed through on their sustainability commitments,” said Ilan Palacci, Co-Founder and CEO of Ever Dye. “We hope this inspires others to seek out new technologies from all over the world that can help reduce carbon emissions in fashion.”

Adore Me began the implementation process with Ever Dye last month and will begin releasing products dyed via Ever Dye’s technology in 2024. Today, Adore Me works with Ever Dye for orange color dyeing and plans to expand across the color spectrum as the technology behind the unique dyeing process continues to advance. Adore Me is the first US lingerie brand to use Ever Dye’s technology.

About Adore Me
Founded in 2011 as an online lingerie startup, Adore Me has evolved into a DTC lingerie and apparel brand serving women of all sizes and budgets at all phases of life. The firm is transforming the way we shop with a pioneering Home Try-On commerce service, a series of innovation-driven products, and a mission of making sustainable shopping accessible to all, becoming the first Certified B Corporation intimate apparel brand in the U.S. As of December 2022, Adore Me joined the Victoria’s Secret & Co family of brands.

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About Ever Dye

Based in Paris, France, Ever Dye is a team of scientists and innovators dedicated to changing the way we create and use colors. Ever Dye offers a solution that lowers carbon emissions, energy consumption and eradicates toxic chemicals from the dyeing process. As the link between the designers and the engineers of the next trends, Ever Dye aims to make sustainable fashion to be joyful, creative, and accessible to all to build the future of fashion.

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