Striim announces Striim Cloud Mission Critical: Empowering Enterprises with Multi-Node CDC and Streaming, Ensuring Smart Workload Rebalance, Scalability, and Reliability for Business-Critical Workloads on Google Cloud

To learn how Striim Cloud Mission Critical automates building and managing data pipelines from enterprise-grade databases, visit us at booth 532 at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco from August 29-31

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Striim, Inc. is proud to announce Striim Cloud Mission Critical, a multi-node change data capture and data streaming platform as a fully managed service on Google Cloud. As the boundaries of the digital frontier continue to stretch, the demand for swift, reliable, and scalable data processing has intensified. This groundbreaking solution not only underscores Striim's dedication to pushing technological boundaries but also equips enterprises with the capabilities for real-time replication of disparate enterprise data to Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Spanner, Pub/Sub, and Cloud SQL. Harnessing the unmatched advantages of distributed computing, Striim Cloud Mission Critical ensures that organizations can nimbly scale, bolster their defenses against potential setbacks, and adeptly handle prodigious real-time data streams. Designed with a keen focus on businesses that set mission-critical workloads at the pinnacle of their priorities, our latest offering establishes a new gold standard in real-time data integration and analytics on Google Cloud with advanced capabilities such as Smart Pipeline Rebalancing, and built-in failover to rapidly react to media and transient failures.

"A holistic strategy that synergizes the strengths of fully managed cloud solutions is essential for reliable and timely decision-making, demanding data be delivered in an adaptable format,” stated Alok Pareek, Cofounder and Executive Vice President of Engineering and Products at Striim. “Our clientele is showing a growing preference for real-time operational data in BigQuery to power their analytic endeavors. To meet this demand, we've tailored Striim Cloud for Google Cloud, emphasizing support for BigQuery, Spanner, Cloud SQL, Pub/Sub, and the integrated Google Cloud. This ensures operational simplicity, seamless data sharing, adaptability, and resilience. Whether leveraging Striim Cloud for multi-node stream processing or change data capture-based replication, extracting actionable insights from data has never been more straightforward. With features like stream partitioning, automated schema management, coordinated snapshots, CDC synchronization, and robust error recovery, we promise our users an unparalleled experience in data pipeline management in a Google Cloud native experience that requires zero additional infrastructure.”

Striim Cloud Mission Critical offers unprecedented simplicity and scalability in a single product where you can build your first pipeline in under 5 minutes, and scale to billions of events per minute. Striim Cloud can scale to handle advanced streaming and data replication use cases by offering multi-node deployments for high performance, resiliency enabling real-time data insights, and monitoring on a single, scalable platform. Striim Cloud Mission Critical solution offers a modern user experience to get your first data pipeline running in under 5 minutes, with a low-touch, cost-effective solution for real-time data insights and monitoring on a scalable platform with consumption-based pricing.

Striim is also proud to offer Google Cloud’s Private Service Connect. Enterprises can confidently use Striim Cloud on Google Cloud as a fully managed service without compromising on security and privacy. With Striim’s Private Service Connect feature, all network traffic is isolated in the customer’s secure network; no traffic hits the public internet.

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To see Striim Cloud Mission Critical in action, visit Striim at booth 532 at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco from August 29-31.

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