NNIT A/S: NNIT updates its financial reporting structure

After the completion of the transformative divestment of the Group’s infrastructure business, NNIT has changed its financial reporting format to reflect its new regional organization and to ensure consistency with internal management reporting.

Following the implementation of the new organization on May 2, 2023, NNIT consists of four regions:

  • Region Denmark (excluding life sciences)
  • Region Europe (including life sciences in Denmark)
  • Region US
  • Region Asia

The new regional structure has been introduced to increase customer proximity and enhance global coordination across regions. From a financial perspective, the four regional P&Ls will include allocated corporate cost such as legal, human resources, finance and global delivery centers. A consolidation of the four regional P&Ls will constitute NNIT’s group P&L and be supplemented by management commentary to provide increased transparency in respect of financial and business performance for each region.

The new financial reporting structure has been implemented and will take effect with the release of the interim report for the first six months of 2023 on August 31, 2023. Financial figures have been restated to reflect the new reporting structure back to the first quarter of 2022 (factsheet attached).

Overview – restated Group and regional financial figures

NNIT, DKKmQ1 22Q2 22Q3 22Q4 22Q1 23
Production cost260274252294295
Gross profit9694129102118
Gross margin26.9%25.6%33.8%25.6%28.5%
Regional cost4845524539
Regional operating profit4849765678
Regional operating profit margin13.5%13.3%20.0%14.2%19.0%
Corporate cost6467733258
Group operating profit before special items-16-1832420
Group operating profit margin before special items-4.5%-4.8%0.8%6.1%4.9%
Special items47575112314
Group operating profit incl. special items-63-75-48-996


Region Denmark, DKKmQ1 22Q2 22Q3 22Q4 22Q1 23
Production cost95977899109
Gross profit4639555555
Gross margin32.9%28.9%41.4%35.5%33.5%
Regional cost1413191111
Regional operating profit3326364344
Regional operating profit margin23.1%19.2%27.2%28.2%26.9%
Corporate cost2425281222
Group operating profit before special items8193122
Group operating profit margin before special items6.0%0.8%6.5%20.2%13.5%


Region Europe, DKKmQ1 22Q2 22Q3 22Q4 22Q1 23
Production cost83908810383
Gross profit2829341229
Gross margin25.2%24.4%27.7%10.7%26.0%
Regional cost1714151712
Regional operating profit111519-517
Regional operating profit margin10.0%12.3%15.6%-3.9%15.1%
Corporate cost2021231017
Group operating profit before special items-9-6-4-15-1
Group operating profit margin before special items-8.0%-5.2%-3.1%-12.7%-0.5%


Region US, DKKmQ1 22Q2 22Q3 22Q4 22Q1 23
Production cost5156535467
Gross profit2020292932
Gross margin28.0%26.7%35.3%35.2%32.6%
Regional cost1415161314
Regional operating profit65121719
Regional operating profit margin8.1%7.0%15.2%20.0%18.9%
Corporate cost131415713
Group operating profit before special items-8-9-3106
Group operating profit margin before special items-10.8%-11.2%-3.4%11.9%6.1%


Region Asia, DKKmQ1 22Q2 22Q3 22Q4 22Q1 23
Production cost3132333836
Gross profit151152
Gross margin4.5%14.6%25.0%12.0%4.1%
Regional cost33243
Regional operating profit-1391-1
Regional operating profit margin-4.0%7.6%19.7%2.3%-3.3%
Corporate cost77836
Group operating profit before special items-8-41-2-7
Group operating profit margin before special items-24.7%-11.2%2.1%-5.4%-19.2%


Contact for further information

Carsten Ringius
Tel: +45 3077 8888

Media Relations
Tina Joanne Hindsbo
Media Relations Manager
Tel: +45 3077 9578

The NNIT Group provides a wide range of IT and consulting services internationally.

In Denmark, where the Group HQ is based, we are one of the leading IT companies, servicing both private and public sector customers across all industries. In the rest of Europe, Asia and USA, we are solely focused on companies within life sciences.

Supporting the entire supply chain, we help optimize internal company processes, production, sales and customer experiences:

We advise, build, operate and support, enabling digital transformation and customers to reap the full potential of their organizations. Our role is to foster innovation and make the mark our customers and we aspire to.

The NNIT Group consists of group company NNIT A/S and subsidiaries SCALES, Excellis Health Solutions and SL Controls. Read more at www.nnit.com.




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