NRC Health emphasizes its commitment to ICD’s annual Patient Experience Symposium

BOSTON, Aug. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NRC Health and ICD Media Group have formalized more plans for the upcoming Patient Experience Symposium that’s taking place Sept. 18-20, 2023 in Waltham, Massachusetts. The event will provide a dynamic platform for senior-level healthcare executives and practitioners to have discussions on emerging trends and best practices in patient experience. NRC Health’s partners can now register until September 15 to receive a 15% discount.

"We are thrilled that NRC Health has partnered with us for the seventh annual Patient Experience Symposium," said Bill Doherty, President of ICD Media Group. "NRC Health's commitment to improving the patient experience aligns perfectly with the goals of our symposium. We believe this conference brings key change agents together to explore the actions required to drive improvements for the future of healthcare and we are grateful for NRC’s support.”

The symposium will feature a panel discussion, led by Gregory Makoul, Ph.D. MS, Chief Transformation Officer, NRC Health, and include panelists: Susan Edgman-Levitan, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Healthcare Visionary and Author, Zeev Neuwirth, MD.

“We are proud to sponsor the Patient Experience Symposium. I’m looking forward to the panel discussion about how hospitals can elevate the experience,” said Dr. Makoul. “Conferences like this provide a unique opportunity for personalized engagement. It will be interesting to hear the discourse surrounding the importance of experience on both sides of the stethoscope.”

This panel will discuss the traditional approach to improving patient experience through retrospective surveys and how this method has reached a plateau, even before the pandemic. To truly elevate the experience, a fresh approach is needed. This includes seeing the experience as extending beyond the care setting, recognizing its importance for both patients and providers, prioritizing human connection and health equity, and valuing patients' well-being as much as evaluating the healthcare system's performance. The panel discussion focuses on the specific steps that can turn aspirations into reality.

To learn more about the Seventh Annual Patient Experience Symposium and to register for the event, visit All new registrants can obtain the coupon code by visiting NRC Health’s social media pages. This discount only applies to new registrations.

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