2023 Report Reveals Green Ammonia's Crucial Role in Connecting Green Hydrogen and Steel Industries for Decarbonization

Dublin, Sept. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The Global Market for Green Hydrogen, Ammonia and Steel 2024-2034" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The markets for green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green steel are intricately intertwined within the broader context of the energy transition, mutually reinforcing each other's expansion as they collectively work to decarbonize heavy industry. The trio of green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green steel are pivotal in paving the way for a departure from fossil fuels.

Green ammonia plays a critical role as a bridge connecting green hydrogen production to significant end-use applications like the manufacturing of green steel. This triad of sustainable solutions relies on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, or biomass to generate hydrogen through the electrolysis of water.

Green ammonia emerges as a vital conduit, linking the supply of green hydrogen to major industrial uses, particularly in green steel production, and also offers a means to export renewable hydrogen. This report delves deep into the analysis of these pivotal sectors of the energy transition.

Key Takeaways from the Report:

Green Hydrogen:

  • Detailed examination of current hydrogen production methods and forecasts for demand until 2033.
  • Insight into the market's value chain and industry landscape.
  • Exploration of market trends, drivers, and challenges.
  • In-depth analysis of hydrogen production processes and associated costs.
  • Overview of recent industry developments, investments, and start-up funding.
  • A thorough evaluation of hydrogen technologies including blue hydrogen (from decarbonized natural gas), green hydrogen (from renewable power and electrolysis), carbon capture, hydrogen storage & transport, fuel cells, vehicles, alternative fuels, ammonia, methanol production, steelmaking, power generation, marine applications, and fuel cell trains.
  • Profiles of 244 companies, ranging from major corporations to start-ups, including notable players like Advanced Ionics, Aker Horizons, Dynelectro, ITM Power, McPhy Energy SAS, Plug Power, Sunfire, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and more.

Green Ammonia:

  • Analysis of green ammonia production pathways and technologies.
  • Examination of supportive regulations and policies promoting renewable ammonia.
  • Evaluation of current and projected production costs for green ammonia.
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) considerations.
  • Detailed market analysis of green ammonia, covering growth drivers, challenges, recent industry developments, and project announcements.
  • Profiles of major green ammonia projects worldwide.
  • SWOT analysis of the market.
  • Market segment assessment, including transportation, fertilizers, hydrogen storage, and power generation.
  • Examination of the competitive landscape and value chain.
  • Global and regional market size estimates and forecasts until 2040, segmented by end-use application and geography.
  • Future outlook for the emerging green ammonia market.
  • Profiles of 49 companies across the supply chain, including Engie, EverWind Fuels, FuelPositive Corp., Iberdrola, NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, Sumitomo, Yara, and more.

Green Steel:

  • Exploration of opportunities and challenges in the green steel sector.
  • Discussion of hydrogen's role in green steel production.
  • Analysis of green steel production processes, including hydrogen direct reduced iron (DRI), electrolysis, carbon capture and storage/use, biochar replacing coke, hydrogen blast furnace, renewable energy-powered processes, flash ironmaking, hydrogen plasma iron ore reduction, ferrous bioprocessing, microwave processing, and more.
  • Examination of advanced materials in green steel production, such as composite electrodes, solid oxide materials, hydrogen storage metals, carbon composite steels, coatings, membranes, and more.
  • Market analysis covering prices, plants, market maps, SWOT analysis, market trends and opportunities, recent industry developments and innovations, growth drivers, challenges, and end-use industries.
  • Global market revenue estimates, historical data, and forecasts until 2033, segmented by end-use industry and region.
  • Profiles of 44 companies, including ArcelorMittal, Boston Metal, H2 Green Steel, Nippon Steel, SSAB, Thyssenkrupp, and more.

These sectors—green hydrogen, green ammonia, and green steel—lay the foundation for a sustainable and decarbonized industrial future. As renewable energy sources gain prominence and innovative solutions continue to emerge, the potential to reshape the heavy industry landscape becomes increasingly apparent. The symbiotic relationship between these markets showcases the power of collaboration in tackling global challenges related to climate change and energy transition.

Notable Companies Mentioned:

  • Advanced Ionics
  • Aker Horizons
  • Dynelectro
  • ITM Power
  • McPhy Energy SAS
  • Plug Power
  • Sunfire
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Engie
  • EverWind Fuels
  • FuelPositive Corp.
  • Iberdrola
  • NEOM Green Hydrogen Company
  • Sumitomo
  • Yara
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Boston Metal
  • H2 Green Steel
  • Nippon Steel
  • SSAB
  • Thyssenkrupp

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