Proteros biostructures and Orion Pharma agree on a long-term multi-target collaboration including the assembly of a joint novel and unique HTS small-molecule screening library with the full chemistry support of Enamine

  • Multi-target research partnership for drug discovery in oncology and pain
  • Assembly of novel high-diversity small molecule library
  • Library collection distinguished by novel unique design concepts based on a proprietary set of selection filters to ensure high quality and drug-likeness of individual compounds, selectively compiled from the premium chemical provider Enamine and others

MARTINSRIED, Germany and MUNICH, Germany, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proteros biostructures GmbH (“Proteros”) today announced a new collaboration with Orion Corporation (Espoo, Finland). The companies are engaging in a joint multi-target collaboration for early-stage drug discovery projects using Proteros’ “High Hanging Fruit” Discovery Platform, and now have decided to combine their expertise to assemble a unique and chemically diverse small molecule library collection. The non-exclusive agreement enables Proteros to exclusively offer access to this high-quality non-redundant HTS library to all their clients.

Under the agreement, Orion co-funded and supported the design and generation of the library containing a highly diverse collection of chemotypes for target-agnostic high throughput screening (HTS). The small molecule collection, of around 200 thousand compounds, is distinguished by its novel and unique design concept of optimized chemical diversity. Compounds are sourced primarily from the premium chemical provider Enamine, a current partner of Proteros for hit follow-up chemistry services. Application of a comprehensive proprietary set of selection filters secures high quality and drug-likeness of the human-inspected individual compounds and reduces pan-assay interference compounds (PAINS) to guarantee that every compound is developable and follows desirable chemical properties. The established long-lasting collaboration with Enamine ensures high tractability and fast development of the hit compounds.

“With this novel library, we aim to enable the exploration of a highly diverse chemical space for our customers. The chemotype selection is based on stringent diversity algorithms and is ensured to be applicable to any target class,” said Lars Neumann, Director Discovery Solutions of Proteros biostructures. “This unique design allows us to offer our clients an excellent option for discovering Qualified Hits for High Hanging Fruit targets,” said Debora Konz Makino Vice President Discovery Solutions of Proteros biostructures.

“Based on our long-term experience and success of working with Proteros we are confident this agreement will boost our hit finding activities. One of the key features of the library is also quick SAR by catalogue which will speed up hit triage significantly and allows best choice for lead optimisation programs. As we all know, quality of the hits is a key success factor for speed and success in the drug discovery program,” said Leena Otsomaa, Vice President Medicine Design of Orion Corp. “We are also very much looking forward to the collaboration for early-stage drug discovery in our key therapeutic target areas: oncology and pain indications.”

Michael Bossert, Head Strategic Alliances at Enamine, commented: “Our growing homemade screening libraries, the largest collection available in the world, constitute ideal starting points for any HTS and hit identification platform to spot possible beneficial effects against any of a large number of diseases.” He continued: “We are delighted to have been selected for this initiative as the main compound provider, and, under such collaboration, to enhance the partnership with Proteros to serve their clients each time when needed via our seamless hit follow-up chemistry services and our ADMET/DMPK capabilities.”

About Proteros biostructures GmbH

Proteros is a privately-held company with expertise in structure-based drug discovery powered by a cutting-edge discovery engine tailored to unlock even the most technically challenging disease-relevant drug targets. The company provides small molecule drug discovery services and its comprehensive enabling technology platforms, coupled with roots to Nobel Prize winning science and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, have enabled prominent contributions to several lead optimization programs and clinical-stage compounds.

Proteros’ scientific rigor can accelerate overall research timelines for clients by solving the “High-hanging-fruits” of the early drug discovery and development stages and the company is consistently seen as the go-to partner for Hit to Lead Optimisation services. Proteros supports many of the world’s top 20 largest pharmaceutical companies and more than 200 pharmaceutical and biotech partners in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

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About Orion Corp.
Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company – a builder of well-being. We develop, manufacture and market human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. We believe that health and well-being create the foundation for a good life and society. Orion has an extensive portfolio of proprietary and generic medicines and self-care products. The core therapy areas of our pharmaceutical R&D are oncology and pain. Proprietary products developed by Orion are used to treat cancer, neurological and respiratory diseases, among others. Orion's net sales in 2022 amounted to EUR 1,341 million and the company had about 3,500 employees at the end of the year. Orion's A and B shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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